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  1. During my search for a converted speedo.... I need KMH... I came across a mechanical 'converter'. Unfortunately I cannot get anymore info other than a photo of said item. Has anyone come across anything like this???
  2. Thanks guys.... I'm in the middle of nowhere in very rustic Spain and spares suppliers for TR's are far more difficult to get than in the UK. Mobile signal is also very vague. Some of your ideas will be implemented.
  3. As per the topic.... what tools & spares do you carry when out? You never know what might happen with an almost 50 year old car
  4. IIRC Wheeler Dealers episode on the TR put the fuel pump inside the rear wheel arch... I think it was for better ventilation rather than noise. Can't remember if they shielded it from road crud or if I actually dreamt it all up anyway LOL!!!
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