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  1. Thank you all for your comments. Seller is in his mid Seventies. I believe he’s owned car since 2006. He drives a Porsche 911 & has a couple other cars. Due to being stuck in gear, he hasn’t started car in 3 years.(that’s not a big concern, is it?) Also states that original seats were replaced with non-OEM style ones. Car is covered in his garage all this time. I will inspect undercarriage and frame for perforations & rust repair...
  2. Not sure about this...never owned a TR6..but car only has 66,000 miles. Won’t come out of gear...and owner will take $1000 off the price for the repair. Any thoughts, or warnings? Can I go wrong at $5000??? Car (pic below) is red, but originally was Blue. Motor completely rebuilt including Carbs, Replaced Transmissions seals, Radiator, Servo Unit(don’t even know what this is!), Master Cylinder & Water Pump... Help!!
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