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  1. Thank you Stuart. I understand your reply but doubt I will try it, no racing for me. Luke.
  2. Your reply to CP26309 below sounded rude to me. (What do you mean wrong. You can’t just say that and not explain what’s wrong with it.) Your reply below is rude, try and spell and that’s the last reply you will get from me. (If you guys want a chat about how shut rear lights look create your own post. Don’t ruin mine.)
  3. Hi John and Stuart. I have finally understood your replies sorry. When the pedal box is fitted in the car, the height of the accelerator pedal is set by the length of the accelerator cable at the carburettor end, so you do not need a return stop in the pedal box, just a return spring, thank you. My pedal box as I said is out of the car, I am going to put a bolted on accelerator pedal return stop on the side of my pedal box to set the height of the accelerator pedal in relation to the clutch pedal. As you will know I need the pedal box back in the car and attached to the bra
  4. Hi John and Stuart. I think I must have confused you, I am only interested in the height of the accelerator pedal in the pedal box. Stuart you said it is better to have all the pedals at roughly the same height, so that is what I will aim for. Thank you. Luke.
  5. Hi hopefully a question all UK TR6 owners can answer. I am having to correct a very badly converted LHD to RHD pedal box. My question, the accelerator pedal is just hanging down from a poor accelerator shaft fixing, it has no return stop or return spring provision, at the moment only the carburettors springs are returning the accelerator pedal, very bad. I have made a good accelerator pedal shaft with a bronze bush, all I need now is the position of the accelerator pedal height, so I can set my return stop and return spring. I would expect all 3 pedals to be at approximatel
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