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    Main interest is TR3B that are still around and of which I have built a database. Current score about 580, so more than 15% of the B's ever built. Reactions please PM me.

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  1. I have been trying to find out by which commission number the blanking plate in the firewall was omitted. Bill Piggott doesn't mention it in his TR2-3A book, I expected by 60K,as that was a big change. So maybe be possible. But haven't been able to find docs on it. Anybody? Thanks, gert
  2. Hello Mike, Welcome to the Register and the global database of TR3Bs that still exist. I have added your car to the database and will send a certificate you when I have your e-mail address. I have known about TCF1699-L since June 2020 when I noticed it on the web. Yes, the numbrs are matching and the car was built around 28 August 1962. As you probably know TR3Bs were only built in 1962, but some were sold in 1963 and therefore some owners claim their car to be a TR3B of 1963. I have started building the database in 2003 as I was curious of how many were left and maybe find out abouit the
  3. Anyome a suggestion how go quickly open the bonnet when there is a fire caused by E5 or do?
  4. My TR7 is a very nice car to drive, but I find the steering to indirect. Too much turning the wheel to make the turn. In the TR3 it is directer. Is there a solution to make lock to lock less turns?
  5. I have one of these if that is what you are looking for
  6. I will try to find an original. Maybe in malvern this Summer? Thanks, Gert
  7. I recently bought an, originally sold in the Netherlands, almost from the first owner if he hadn't died, 1980 Canley TR7 DHC. Persian Aqua. No rust, no replaced parts on the car and only 55k kms. But no Owners Manual. On eBay I see only versions for the FHC. Does it exist or are there only O.M.'s for the fixed head version?
  8. A colleague of mine has a TR6C that is leaking strongly at the front part. Replacing the oil seal seems to be in order. Does he need any other parts than the oil seal and a new gasket?
  9. Hi Alan, Yes numbering of the bodies never stopped. All made by the FRC. All were TSF from 1/TSF to 3334/TSF, I guess but have never seen confirmation of the latter. As the bodies didn't change there was no need for a new numbering system. I agree the engine number is out of range, but as you say that can happen. TCF2797 has engine TCF2796-E, so very well matched. Regards, Klashorst
  10. Hi George, I just thi I have the info for you. Free, no costs. Some years ago there was an extensive story about the TR3B that I can send you. I think it will answer all your questions. Send me your e-mail address and it will be on its way. Regards, Klashorst
  11. Hi Don, as stated earlier in the string, I have compiled a data base of TR3Bs that are still in existence and have over 400 now on file. This is a private exercise of mine, though Mike Ellis of the TR Register has a copy for archiving and safe keeping. I don't share the data base but if someone wants to know about a TR3B then I can verify. TCF1278L for instance, that started this chain, I had on file since 2003, located in NY.
  12. Hi George, Thanks for the quick reply. BMIHT certificates do carry the commission number, the body number and the engine number. Also the original colour scheme and options that were with the car. Also port of destinantion. I can send you a copy of my trace/certificate, so you can see for yourself. Please send me your e-mail address so I can mail that from home. TR3B bodies were numbered in a sequential order for both series TSF and TCF and were always kollowed by ../TSF, so the bodies of the TCF cars like yours should have a body number around 1855/TSF. TCF1264 has body 1839/TSF, TCF126
  13. Hi George, Looks like a nice car. I am owner of TCF1255L and have built a data base of TR3Bs that are still around. TCF1278L has been on file since 2003 with engine CT35663F (must probaly be E) and body EB68598. Both numbers do not match a TR3B, so I maybe the wrong numbers have been provided? Can you update me so I can add the correct info to the 400-plus data of TR3Bs I have in the data base?
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