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  1. Hello Tim No I didn't, I'm new to this car and engine, so learning as I go along.. Thanks again David
  2. Hello John Thanks for the info. No I didn't bleed them, I will try that then and see what happens, I live in Derby. Regards David
  3. Hello, hope you can help me out on this one. Just brought a tr6, it ran fine until-- Replaced the leaking sump gasket, and rocker gasket. To remove the rocker gasket I had to remove the injection hoses from injectors, I marked them up correctly, put fresh oil in the engine and filter, went to start it and it took ages for it to crank over. Eventually got it running but now its lumpy. Cleaned the plugs but still no good. Do you think I've damaged an injector as they are slightly loose in the housings, I held the injector with spanner so the hose could be taken off, all back on tight with no fue
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