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  1. Just a thought. Does anyone know if you can use the earlier gearbox with an A series overdrive on the later car? Can't think why not.
  2. Hi Fellah's Thanks for you suggestions and advice. Overdrive is certainly the cheaper and authentic way of adding more gears but, with the Mazda option it would have a light, smooth gearshift. The main advantage of the overdrive route is that, living in South Yorkshire, I'm not far away from Overdrive Services, Sheffield who will overhaul my box + fit an overdrive for around £2000. As it's a winter project, I may be able to pick up something in the meantime.
  3. Hi Pete & John Thanks for your replies. Pete, I had a read of fitment of the Mazda gearbox but it didn't help on it's driveability and seemed to wander off on various tangents - gearstick positioning & the amount of BHP the gearbox would handle - not really what I was looking for. John, your comment is definitely worth tuppence. I agree re. sticking with originality. We all know that the original gearbox is agricultural but that's part of it's 1970's appeal. It doesn't seem that too many people have gone down the Mazda route so may stick with plan A and buy an overd
  4. Over winter I will be swapping my non-overdrive gearbox. Initially my thoughts were to buy and fit an overdrive gearbox but have seen recently the availability of the Mazda 5 speed box conversion. Although this sounds like a good option, I can't find anywhere that reports on the driveability of the car with the Mazda gearbox. Has anyone carried out this conversion & if so, how does it drive - is it worth doing the work? Thanks
  5. Thanks for your replies fellah's. I'm amazed that my 1st TR6 had been modified so early in it's life but maybe the previous owner had been used to a 2000? Now you've set me thinking - gear lever or column.......
  6. Hello All, I have just had an interesting conversation with a supplier regarding the overdrive switch on a TR6. I have had my car for just over 12 months & is without overdrive. I spoke to a potential supplier re. pricing up a new box with J type overdrive + ancillaries (mine is a 1974 ex. US car) I told him that I would prefer the switch to be on the gear lever as I had a 1972 TR6 (obviously with the A type overdrive on 2,3 and 4) with the gear lever switch. He insisted that the gear lever switch had never been fitted to a TR6 but was on the big saloons. I owned my 1st
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