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  1. Hi Conrad Yep I'm happy with it, job sorted. Just got to get the brakes working on the Ser1 and it's back to the TR. Clive
  2. Afternoon all I thought I had better report back on my findings. So 2 Upper Valance's, Top one is off my 5, its quite bent but not looking to bad in the pic. The lower Valance is a 4A not sure of make but the packing label makes me think German!!! Ive measured.. Height, Width, Depth, Hole sizes for all lamps, screws and anything else I could compare and after all that the only difference I can find is where I have marked up on the second picture with a marker pen. So the answer is yes the 5 is different to the rest but not enough that a 4A cant be changed to fit with
  3. Hi Harry, WOW that's a lot of shine you have there It looks amazing, Mines white when its done but not sure it will be that shinny. Yes any pics you have will help, I still have my 5 Valance and will compare with the 4A and see whats different. Ive been pointed in the right direction for someone who possibly make the 5 Valance, here's hoping Cheers Clive
  4. Many thanks for your comments and confirming my thoughts. I've got a new TR4a Upper Valance coming tomorrow so I will get the measuring stick out and report back. Cheers Clive
  5. Evening all. New boy/chap here, I'm sorting parts for the full restoration on my TR5 and I'm in need of the Upper Front Valance, the part with the head lamps in. I have had a search of lots of parts suppliers but this part isn't available at the moment so the question is... Are the panels from the 4 and 4a much different as I could possible use one to repair mine as its had some damage in a previous life. Many Thanks for you time Clive
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