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  1. Hi Howard, That looks like something I may have to do, but can I take this opportunity to say thanks very much for the wiring diagram, that is an incredible piece of work and has been immensely helpful. Thanks very much indeed.
  2. Hi All, Car is 1981 TR7 converted by Grinnall to V8 in 1988. I've had a problem with my nearside sidelights, which are now currently working but I have no dashboard and instrument panel lighting. It seems the feed is a red wire to the dashboard mounted rheostat, from which a couple of red+white wires run, which split into further red+white wires to all interior/dash bulbs. However I have no power at the original red wire feed to rheostat. This feed is supplied by the nearside sidelight circuit. The wiring diagram suggests there is a single red wire from the 15A fuse that s
  3. Hi Guys, wonder if anyone can help with this. 1981 TR7 V8, nearside sidelights not working. I have power into and out of fuse and the earths are good as other lights are working front and rear. After the fuse the line must split to go front and rear, does anyone know where this connection might be for me to check or does anyone have any other thoughts? TIA, Mike.
  4. Hi Guys, Sorted it. A bit embarrassed. I'd registered for the forum a little while ago. It's only when I tried to book for Gaydon a a couple of days ago that I noticed that this doesn't register for the website itself. I go to register and the two blank fields are autofilled with my forum detail, but these are unrecognised. Try re-setting password but doesn't work, and after a couple more attempts I find I'm 'banned due to too many invalid login attempts' which I found very annoying. I got the impression that I needed different log-in details for forum and website, but
  5. Hi Rob, I'll do that. I reset my password but still can't get in. I joined the club last November. Given that this isn't a free club such as Pistonheads, for example, the fact I've paid to be a club member and still can't access the facilities has really annoyed me. I was trying to register for Gaydon, so when I was told I was temporarily banned for 15 minutes, my initial reaction was "well stuff you, I'll just go somewhere else 'cos there's plenty of choice". :-) Not a friendly introduction to the club, that's for sure.
  6. Hi guys, newish member here. I'm having difficulty logging on the the TR Register website to book for Gaydon. Do I need different login details to the Forum? TIA Mike.
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