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  1. Now you raise an interesting point there Peter. As you can see the intake manifold I have in the picture, I absolutely abhor the asymmetry and the paths to cyl 2 and 5! There is a balance tube on these but changing the size is frankly a fabrication nightmare! I think I read somewhere that Mr Vizzard didn’t like balance tubes - so I was considering blocking mine off with a home made blanking gasket to observe the effect it has - am I about to commit a sin?
  2. Thanks Peter, appreciate the clarification. That’s kind of what was baking my noodle - I was also expecting a weaker mix, but now with your latest explanation it makes a lot of sense as to what is happening. To support your logic: I always wondered why putting on the factory air-box would bring about the same richening effect. I had put it down to a restrictive box or my K&N filter being a little clogged. But then the factory box has built-in 40mm tall trumpets on its back-plate which, I NOW realise, were doing exactly what you have described! Big thumbs up to you sir. So
  3. Excellent! Glad to be of service Thanks Peter! You really do understand these bits of kit so well. I'm going to read that again carefully later and try to understand it!! Before I met you, I used to think I was quite clever!! Now I find my head is hurting.
  4. Apologies for being AWOL gents, been pretty occupied on other matters. Also my apologies for the long reply to follow. Wow! Thanks for all the responses – I greatly appreciate your support and wisdom! As a moderator in another forum, I feel rather guilty of walking my thread here off track between the 6 and carbs! So mods, please feel free to rename the topic to add a reference to carbs as you see fit (I’m not certain I can). To begin with the 6: With no.5 injector replaced, the 6 is purring like a kitten!! My brother-in-law was utterly stunned at the difference.
  5. Update on the 6: Injector no.2 was replaced at the weekend and with the timing set correctly now, my BIL was saying that the 6 has NEVER ran so smoothly in his ownership. He commented that it felt a lot less raw and a lot more refined / modern - that was right up until injector no.5 decided to let go in short order!!! I suspect he has always had weak injectors on their way out which got worse with time and that the engine has always been intermittently running on 5.5 cyls. Fortunately, thanks to Mark being such a total gentleman, he is planning on replacing that one and all 3 ball
  6. To bring the thread back on track before I upset moderators too much - Mark of Enginuity saw my BIL last night and instantly knew what was wrong: Injector no.2 is dead. The poppet valve (is that what you call it?) at the end has no spring and can be pulled out easily by hand, therefore just dribbling fuel instead of atomising. As already mentioned above by @Steves_TR6 , Mark also thought the car had too much timing. With the wonders of modern tech, otherwise known as FaceTime, I walked my BIL through using a timing light and we determined that all-in, the dizzy was hitting the poor car
  7. Thank you gentlemen, much appreciated. Steve, I will be sure to check that. It's interesting how engines can be so different, the Datsun LOVES timing. It idles at 17, with 34-36 all-in being plenty safe on RON 95 - so I made a silly assumption that 17 was also OK on the 6. I guess head design, compression, cams etc all play their parts. I replaced my 40+ year old one with an ATi Super Racing damper, having 360 degree timing marks - if it's acceptable in TR circles, I recommend it, it's a fantastic bit of kit. Stuart, thank you for the recommendation. I just discovered t
  8. Hello all, In the words of Austin Powers, allow myself to introduce, myself: Smooth, handsome and wealthy, with a penchant for exotic cars. Well, that’s quite enough about 007. As for me, I’m a highly mechanically competent privateer with an unhealthy obsession for carbs and extracting every last pony out of vintage cars.* In short, a middle aged man in suburbia, living the dream! I’m currently helping my BIL with the challenges bestowed upon him by his gorgeous TR6 PI running the Lucas Injection system - which I have been learning a lot about of late. Here’s
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