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1975 Tr6 250 knock

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  1. Thanks for the reply on my TR6 250 I didn't know anything about the rear main front big bearings the car is running smooth until it gets warm and it seems to lose oil pressure I put a brand new aluminum oil pump in there and until it gets up to running temperature it seems to be fine even drives fine but then loses a little bit of power once it warms up it loses oil pressure even with the new pump in there I don't know what to do then feels like it starts to vibrate from the crank but when it's cold it has pressure and runs good and has power



    1. Mike C

      Mike C

      Have you checked the oil pressure relief valve? It might be jammed from a bit of bearing swarf and bypassing oil before it's supposed to open.

      Did you mention the new aluminum oil pump on the main TR6 forum? I know a lot of the blokes on here have had problems with new pumps and I assume you primed the new pump properly before you started the engine? 

      If there's any doubt drop the sump and have a look at the main, big end and thrust bearings. There's a lot of info on the forum on how to do this. In particular the thrust bearings are a real TR6 weak spot- they get loaded when you depress the clutch- I don't depress the clutch when I start the engine as there's no oil pressure in the thrust bearings.

  2. Have a 75 Triumph TR6 with 75,000 original miles ran it low 1 time on oil. Towed car home changed rod bearings with original size. Engine runs but knocks im now thinking on doing the main bearings. Rod bearings were worn out but no apparent damage to conecting rods. Im praying the crank is still in good shape and that doing the crank bearings will be enough. Before the car ran beautiful and was not over heated. What would you do!
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