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  1. Thank you everybody for your valuable help. I need now to get my much more knowledgeable friend to take another look at it with your advise to help him. In reply to Steve, I live just outside Bedford. I will report back when we have put your advise to the test .more to follow! Thanks, colin.
  2. I have a 1971 TR6 CP fitted with the later CR fuel injection system and a Bosch pump. I recently removed the engine and gearbox to restore the engine bay and repair several fluid leaks. The fuel injection system was dismantled and the inlet manifolds soda cleaned. Before dismantling the car ran perfectly. The Bosch unit in the boot was not disturbed. Dismantling and reassembly was done by a very skilled mechanic. The car now starts on the button, but runs all the time at 3,000 rpm. If all 6 inlets are covered it ticks over perfectly! There is clearly an air leak, but we cannot fin
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