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  1. Thank you very much to everyone who helped me to solve this very difficult problem. The unanimous view was that the fast running was caused by air being sucked into the throttle bodies due to wear in the spindles and/or misalignment of the butterflies. You were all correct. The complication was that my usually brilliant mechanic, who is not an expert on the foibles of temperamental TR injection systems, was adamant that he had checked, and eliminated, wear as the cause. Slight diplomatic problem!! To my rescue came Marting, a member of this forum, from St Neots, not far from where I live.
  2. Hi Marting,

    What a fabulous offer. I live at Old Harrowden, near Shortstown (the famous airship hangers}, just off the A421 Bedford bypass, so easy link to you.

    Either you to me to take a look, or me bringing the complete assembly to you would be  fantastic. I will be talking to mark the mechanic this afternoon. I think he might suggest the test engine route.

    I will get back to you as soon as I have talked to him. My telephone numbers are  01234 741356 and 07841 164241.

    Thank you,  Colin

    1. marting


      Hi Colin, off for my first jab in a minute and I am collecting some plating from Arlsey this afternoon. But other than that we are usually only out for dog walks! 

      I think the best option would be to stick them on the test engine - it cannot be doing your car any good running at 3000rpm from cold! 

      If it's just a matter of realigning the butterflies happy to do it for £75. If the spindles are worn I can let you have the options (I can make replacement spindles, you could exchange for CR throttle bodies that work with CP linkages, you could exchange for CP throttle bodies and linkages etc.

      If you are happy to proceed, I can collect or you can drop them off (just let me know when) also please leave the throttle linkage and and choke assembly to the throttle bodies so I can test it all together.

      Kind regards


    2. Colin Caborn

      Colin Caborn

      Hi Martin,

      Tried to ring the number I thought was yours  and didn't get through, but didn't check this forum earlier. Sorry about the delay. I work as a volunteer at our vaccination centre, but my only shift  before Tuesday is 4 to 8 pm today (Saturday). Apart from that I am home all the time.

      Would you like to collect the parts so that you see the whole car, and take all the bits you need. as I have said, I am out of my depth with this problem. Please phone or text 07841 164241 or E-mail  c.caborn@yahoo.co.uk to arrange to come over at your convenience.

      My address is 253 Old Harrowden Road, Harrowden, Bedford, MK42 0TB.

      Harrowden is a tiny country lane just off the A600 near Shortstown.

                            Thanks, Colin.        

  3. Thanks again for all the advice. my mechanic friend thinks that he has now checked all the points raised, but the problem still persists. He thinks that cylinders 3 and 5 are now the ones causing the engine to race. He has completely run out of ideas and given up for the moment after spending hours trying to help me. I think I need a knowledgeable person in the Bedford area who is able to come (safely) and take a look. I am happy to pay for the time and expertise. Does anyone know such a genius? Thanks again, colin.
  4. Thank you everybody for your valuable help. I need now to get my much more knowledgeable friend to take another look at it with your advise to help him. In reply to Steve, I live just outside Bedford. I will report back when we have put your advise to the test .more to follow! Thanks, colin.
  5. I have a 1971 TR6 CP fitted with the later CR fuel injection system and a Bosch pump. I recently removed the engine and gearbox to restore the engine bay and repair several fluid leaks. The fuel injection system was dismantled and the inlet manifolds soda cleaned. Before dismantling the car ran perfectly. The Bosch unit in the boot was not disturbed. Dismantling and reassembly was done by a very skilled mechanic. The car now starts on the button, but runs all the time at 3,000 rpm. If all 6 inlets are covered it ticks over perfectly! There is clearly an air leak, but we cannot fin
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