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  1. Jon m f


    Many thanks Stuart.
  2. Jon m f


    Thanks for all the replies, very helpful. TR Shop have just raised their prices to same as Skinner's. TR Shop have them in stock. Skinners are not currently taking orders and Coverdale are sending me a sample and they take about six weeks to make and deliver. Coverdale have a two grades of wool, the higher of which costs the same as TRShop and Skinners. So good advice thanks and will see what the Coverdale samples are like. Jon
  3. Jon m f


    Considering new wool carpets for my TR5. There seems to be a multitude of sellers advertising best quality wool etc etc. but at widely varying prices! Has anyone any recommendations, as its difficut to know what level of quality you are getting for your money from each supplier? Do you have to pay top dollar for the best or are they all much of a muchness and may as well go for the cheapest?! Its not like going into John Lewis carpet department where you can ask the assistant! Thanks Jon.
  4. Thanks everyone for your replies. Very helpful advice and some great options to consider. Thanks again.
  5. Thanks Peter, I know what to look for now.
  6. Looks like Revington do a repro?
  7. Peter does the arm have a circular base to it or the lozenge type? Thanks Jon.
  8. Thanks Peter - is that the original shape?
  9. Thanks Roger and Conrad, Conrad do you have a picture of your that you could post or send me please. I'd prefer the originality but have a difficult drive way to exit when I go out
  10. I am planning to fit rear view mirrors to the doors of the car. Any suggestions to what type/make are original for the car (1968) and also do any styles/models give a better rear view? Thanks in anticipation.
  11. Thanks Stuart, makes sense now!
  12. Thanks Stuart - I'll give it a go. Are the clips unavailable as well?
  13. Hi Ian, Could you let me know who you use in Frome, I live in Bath and it would be very handy to know a local company that can do this. Thanks Jon
  14. Hi Richard/Roger, many thanks for info. I'll have to have a closer when I'm back at the garage and see whether I really need to take it off. Have a paint guy looking at the car on Tuesday so will see what he thinks. Thanks again. Jon.
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