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  1. What is the cost of honeyborne back light and a Surrey vinyl soft top
  2. Got mine today excellent fit and superb quality thank you Marco
  3. Hi Marco can i order one please how do I pay you thanks mark
  4. Hi marco im interested in a fuel cap insert how can I order one
  5. Mark666


    Anyone recommend garages Worcester Hereford for work on tr4 thanks
  6. Thank you for replies after reading comments they should be ok stiff to move but move smoothly just reading the horror stories about the front spring hanger bolt now had a quick look today looks like it’s previously been welded so might send to tr specialist to get them changed was looking forward to doing it but don’t want to get out my depth
  7. Hi just looking at changing the rear springs on my 62 tr4 and removed the lever arm dampers considering having them refurbished but they seem quite stiff to move around took quite a bit of effort I’m not sure how stiff the dampening should be should you be able to move by hand or put in vice and need a bar to move them just not sure if they are ok or not hope this makes sense
  8. Hi all changed my recently acquired tr4 today from pos earth to negative earth depolarised Dynamo and changed leads on ammeter and coil but won’t start now spins over ok previous owner told me he fitted electronic ignition had a look in dizzy to confirm it but do I need to do anything with this
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