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  1. Thanks guys I now have a couple of leads to go with so hopefully there is a glimmer at the end of the tunnel. Fingers crossed.
  2. Hi Dave I've been down that avenue I'm afraid to no avail. The guy who makes up their tanks has disappeared and all the patterns are locked up and cannot be accessed at the moment so i cant even get one copied. Despite extensive searching i cant even find a picture of a SD cage with a tank fitted as that would give me some sort of clue as to how it all goes together Ken
  3. I agree I'm nervous enough of my MGB steel fuel tank hanging out of the back especially when on some of the rougher special tests. It has quite a few significant dents in it and its only going to be a matter of time before something punctures it. John i'll PM you to avoid choking up the forum. Ken
  4. John many thanks, i had heard of your arrangement and have seen it in pictures but now can hopefully pump you for information. I’ll compile a list of questions and get back to you if i may and hopefully we can solve this problem.
  5. Hi Peter Im afraid not as the brace gets in the way for the racetorations one and Alicool have slipped of the face of the planet. Someone must have done this before surely. Regards ken
  6. Hi all I am fitting a roll cage to my TR6 and as such there is no room for the standard tank as the cross braces fill the space. Does anyone have experience/photos etc of how to fit and plumb in a tank on the boot floor for a PI TR6 and where is the best place to get a tank made. Any advice gratefully received.
  7. Thanks Chaps, at least i don't need to buy the book needlessly. Ken
  8. Hi all Any one have a copy of the above book to see if it contains any info on TR6 rallying and therefore if its worth me buying it as i wish to build a competitive TR6 for road rallies. Ken
  9. OK thanks guys, i will persevere with PB but it could obviously take a while.
  10. Thanks Tom, Much appreciated
  11. Hi All Anyone had any experience of the Moss Stage 2 Cylinder head on a CR PI TR6. I am after a head that will complement the 150BHP Cam for rallying. I tried to contact Peter Burgess but they weren’t answering the phone or replying to emails for some reason. Cheers Ken
  12. KenB

    Rally Hardtop

    Thanks everyone found one on eBay in vgc for good price. All i need now is to find somewhere to store it whilst i work on the car.
  13. KenB

    Rally Hardtop

    Cheers Dave I’ll keep an eye on it. Why is all the good stuff so far away!
  14. KenB

    Rally Hardtop

    Hi there I am preparing my Tr6 for road and special test rallying and the navigator (wife) prefers to have a hardtop to keep the wind noise down. I have done some research and it seems that the prices range from £ 850 to £2500. As there’s not a bottomless pit what is the best fit, value for money and suitability for what i intend to do with the car. Any advice gratefully received. Regards Ken
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