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  1. Thank you all for your replies. I have fully checked the system and found the following issues. Whilst the hydraulic system was free from air the fluid was seriously contaminated. The slave cylinder was full of sludge as well as the master cylinder reservoir. Cleaning and bleeding the system has restores around 80% pedal travel. The bushes in the clutch and brake pedals are seriously warn and will be replaced. Hopefully this should resolve the issue. The forks and clevis pins are all good. Many thanks again for your kind assistance.
  2. My newly acquired TR6 has one of the seat belt runners which is bolted to the wheel arch missing. Does anyone have a redundant seat belt or just this missing part that I can buy from them.
  3. Hi All. I thought I would update you on the solution John L proposed and the fantastic outcome. I contacted Martin Chase of Fred Millturn (https://fredmillturnparts.com) who manufactures an upgrade to the cold start system which removes the need for a dual cable and come complete with all brackets, cams and springs and link cable to the fuel metering unit choke system. I will let you all know the outcome when I have installed It.
  4. Hi Roy. There is plenty of free play. I have checked the slave cylinder and the piston can be pushed back with no resistance.
  5. My TR6 is very new to me and I am sorting out various items on the car as I check over various parts. I am trying to understand why my clutch contact point is extremely early in the peddle movement. I have to be very careful as the clutch bites with the pedal only just off full depression. Any thoughts on this would be appreciated. Is it in fact normal?
  6. Hi All. I am in the UK and new member to the Club having haveing just bought a TR6 CP50535. Working through the car I have found that the cold start arrangement mentioned in this thread is missing from the throttle linkage arrangement. Does anyone have this assembly for sale or perhaps there is a kind sole willing to let me borrow the item so I can get it made.
  7. I have recently bought a TR6 1970 CP car. In my process of going over the car I found a loose short cable emanating from the choke cable. I have never seen two cables associated with a manual choke before and wondered what it was for. However, looking at the workshop manual I found that it was for the cold start linkage. Search as I could I found that the whole bracket assemble is missing from the car. Has any member got this bracket or the whole linkage which I could maybe purchase?. If not may I borrow the linkage from someone and get one made.
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