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  1. Craig CJ

    LNT 15P

    Thank-you very much, I appreciate that. And yes they are the Racelites. It has had the original steels on - as you can see in the Rimmer Brochure. (A photographer approached a few of us one International and we went round have the cars photos taken and I got some nice original prints sent). I personally like the look of the steel wheels, but wanted wider tyres so then it had some Minilitee style ones. Then I got the opportunity at getting some good value wider Racelites and because I had still not quite grown up went for it. Overall I have wanted to keep the look of the 6, but just thought the
  2. Craig CJ

    LNT 15P

    ...can't count it's 29 years. Got confused with when I bought my Alfa 33... Still can't believe its 29 years though. I would have qualified for the Youth Group if we'd had one at the time..!
  3. Craig CJ

    LNT 15P

    Hi Lee, Great to hear you have found some bits and pieces. I know we briefly caught up before a long long time ago. The 6 is alive a very well and in rude health! I have owned her now for 33 years! It has always been a high quality car as you probably know. Its had some changes and is more while its old engine seemed an unusually revvy and quick one its had some tweaks over time. You would still recognise her though! Be good to email eachother Cheers, Craig
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