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  1. Thanks to all of you for help. I had not followed directions from Mr. Cornish. When I released the adjusters properly, the wheels released and I was able to remove the drums. One wheel cylinder leaking, all four pads in bad shape but no evident damage to drums. I guess a result of use and neglect. New brakes, cylinders and components on order. mike ps. Have a restored TR4 as well. Little too small for me. Anxious to get TR3 ready.
  2. Thank you for help. I took the guts out of the restrictor valve and didn’t help. Rear only locked up. the emergency brake is released. I disconnected the rear brake lines and still didn’t release. I get free flow of fluid through all bleed points. Pretty much have air out. I replaced the reservoir and cleaned everything as well as replaced all of the fluid. I have car on jacks. Turned it over in neutral and wheels didn’t turn. Turned over in first gear and they turned. I’ve bled the clutch line until no air bubbles at all. really stu
  3. I have my 1959 TR3 in shop. The hydraulic reservoir was leaking so I replaced and replacing brake fluid with new clean fluid. In the process my rear wheels have become locked up. I’m pretty sure that it is not in gear. ( I have it on stands with wheels off). I have brake lines and clutch lines pretty well bled. Having problem bleeding rears but most of air is out. I am not concerned about bleeding, just need a helper for a few minutes. But am absolutely baffled about unlocking rear wheels. I’m a newbie mechanic and will appreciate any help. mike
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