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  1. Hi ..........One of the many jobs ahead of me over the winter is to replace the hood on my TR6 . I see there are quite a few aftermarket suppliers . Recommendations ( or ones to avoid ) would be welcome . Has anyone used Don trimming and hood company they seem ( like many ) to claim to be the best and yet appear to be good value
  2. Hi Roger , nice to hear from you . This is me reliving the TR6 , 48 years on ...... car drives well and seems to have matured nicely ( bit like me ) anyway I spoke to Ian and as you say a really good guy and extremely knowledgeable. Plan to meet up with him soon . Will keep you posted .
  3. Cheers Andy , Andy , will let you know how things go ....Nigel
  4. Hi John .... glad to be on the forum , thanks for responding and advice . Will follow up and advise .... NigelĀ 

    1. TR relived

      TR relived

      Thanks to all for comment and replies ..... seems DON is the way to go .....

  5. TR relived


    Evening out there.... have just acquired 1970 TR6 , can I ask for recommendations for TR6 support .... car runs well but Im seeking appraisal from knowledgeable mechanic and potentially some restoration work . ( location Glasgow / west of Scotland ) Overall condition is good but panel gaps particularly around doors ( gather this is common ) could do with some attention . thanks for any advice
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