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  1. Thanks Stuart, I'll give him a go. Brian
  2. I need a Lucas 44D4 distributor so if you have one I'm interested. I know these are rare and I have read that the Lucas 45D4 (readily available) will fit with the 44D4 rotor arm and cap. Is this true? Brian King
  3. Hi Andy Yes I've checked these and they are good, only a year old. Even sent a photo to Robsport who agree, no problem there. The manifold is now back at Double S to be checked on their rig......... Brian
  4. For the winter layup I decided to fit a tubular exhaust manifold to my 8 valve TR7. I ordered one from Robsport only to find it will not fit , touching the subframe before I could line up the maniford bolts. This manifold was made by Double S Exhausts Ltd. Anybody had any problems fitting this type of manifold? Brian KIng
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