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  1. OOPS, rather like painting yourself into a corner
  2. I think the phrase is, gilding the Lilly, nice colour, methinks you are just fishing for compliments though,
  3. An interesting little snippet, it would be interesting to know how much the overall weight is compared to an internal combustion engine car, a little extra weight could make it feel sluggish and heavy, having owned an 1.6 MX5 you could tell quite a bit of difference in performance with a passenger in.
  4. i am the grim reaper of threads, when i add something the thread just dies
  5. I would like the opportunity to convert the 3A i am restoring to electric. I like the idea of an electric 3A, does any one want to sponsor mine. Has anyone even done a 3A yet?
  6. good god!! butchered doesn't do the word justice, looks like nine extra hole more than mine had. bit pointless putting any sound deadening on that, looks like a st valentines day massacree. and i thought i had it bad with extra holes in mine.
  7. why not weld a hinge at the top so the whole tunnel hinges back plus add a pair of smooth operating air rams, that would be the cherry on top.
  8. Yes quite a difference, looks like at the change over to post 60000 they made the panels more inclusive rather than using many parts welded all together. Stuart, as a Triumph Restorer you must have come across all of the changes they made over the years. I know that when buying new mk1 sprite panels they are not the same as the originals as the factory changed the pressings over the twenty years of production, i hope any pictures i have posted are useful to some restoring the latter 3A's.
  9. Hmmm interesting, the construction of the post TS6000 is different from the TR2/3, looks like the closing panel is fitted or tucks behind the rear valance flange with cage nuts on it rather than on the latter valance, on mine the closing panel is seam welded to the very edge of the valance. as my picture shows. it looks like yours has been bodged at some point, strange when they where working on that area why didn't they do it properly at the time, it saves having to work it out in the future.
  10. Mine is Z31 on a 1960 TS660000. John Thompson pressings made the basic bodyshells for the frogeye sprite, not important but just thought i would add that.
  11. Thanks for the update, looks like you will be well ahead of me.
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