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  1. Rob, Bob, thank you. I really thought I had given it a good earth, though hidden from view under the socket. Apparently not, as you suggested. Now working fine with a proper earth. Ali.
  2. I've just fitted LED lamps to the rear indicators and side repeaters (haven't got the front indicators fitted at the moment as awaiting parts). With the four bulbs fitted and old flasher unit, the bulbs come on but do not flash - probably to be expected? When I fit the new flasher unit (all from Classic Car LEDs) the lamps don't come on at all. The new flasher unit fits exactly into the old socket. The only difference is that the new one has an earth lead, which I simply fitted behind the old socket - using the securing screw. Does this all sound right, and should I try testing
  3. What can I say? A customised wiring diagram for my idiosyncratic needs, plus wiring instructions - thanks Rob. Just a minor point, I'm not going for the combined switch/warning light after all, but separate items. In that case, does it matter which side of the manual switch the diode is on?
  4. Bob, I have also followed your recommendations for LED lights (not headlights for the time being), so hopefully I'll be OK. Roger, I meant to say thanks for the offer of fan/brake light monitoring wiring, but that's probably a step too far for me at the moment. I need to see if I can actually accomplish what I have set out here first! Ali.
  5. After some thought ... I want the thermal switch to only work when the ignition is on. I want the manual switch to work anytime. I want the warning light to come on whenever the fan is powered. Rob, I think your second diagram does that for me if I swap the thermal and override switches around, and I think I still have to use the diodes in that scenario as per diagram. (please correct me if I am wrong!) So, I am going to put the warning light in the existing hole in the dashboard. I am going to drill new 12mm holes for two new matching switches: one simple toggle switch for
  6. Thanks everyone for your replies. As always, there are a few more things to think about than I originally envisaged. Rob, I think I may go with your diagrams (or version thereof), thanks. But I have a couple of additional questions now: - Rob: if I read it correctly your second circuit will allow the fan to continue with the ignition off until the thermostat cuts it out? I had originally thought I wanted to control whether it continues by using the manual overide after the ignition is turned off. I think this could be achieved by simply swapping the thermo and override swit
  7. Hi All, I have an electric cooling fan and thermostatic switch fitted as per attached diagram (TR4A). I am considering fitting a warning light (to show when the fan is on) and perhaps an override switch to turn it on when I want. I know it's not really required, but just humour me (I have a whole in the dash that needs filling with something!). I just wanted to check: For the warning light, is it as simple as fitting a wire from the fan live feed to a standard Lucas type warning light, which then goes to earth? For an override switch, can I just take a live feed from s
  8. Pete, as always an interesting read, thanks. You are also inspiring me to go and check/improve my connections. Just a rookie question: you use vaseline - is that still the best stuff in this day and age, and presumably you get all connections good and tight before you apply it as I assume it acts as an insulator if it got in between (slightly worried about mistakingly applying it to an existing crimped connection which could be loose). Also, may follow your lead with LED lights (thanks also Bob for your recommendations). I may even remove one of the horns! Ali.
  9. Thanks for the reality check Roger. I will let it go. I should get out more. In fact, it's a beautiful morning here and I am going to get out in the car today. Ali.
  10. Update .... I have recieved another letter from the DVLA, see attached. It basically says there was an agreement in the late 70s by ISO to exclude certain characters from VINs. They say it is an accepted practice to change 'I' to '1' and 'O' to '0' for an old chassis. Having been IT consultant, and for many years specialising in data analysis and data modelling, I find this particularly irksome and a poor solution to a common problem - just another public sector IT bodge/failure - but, whatever, I have seen worse IT systems. My only question now is whether I should ask them to s
  11. I have read about the problem of this scammer in a number of different threads, and feel frustrated that it seems little can be done about it? @ John Carver - I think a communication saying he 'knows where you live' is a threat and should be reported to the police. They may not take any action, but should record it and this will help in case of any future problems.
  12. Thanks Rob. I think that I now finally know that I don't really need a can (tube?) of the stuff on my garage shelf.
  13. 'Dielectric' has always confused me, does it promote conductivity between contact points or diminish conductivity (insulate)? Therefore, should it be applied to contact points or not?
  14. When I took mine apart I was missing one - how it got to you I don't know!
  15. Hi Chris, It will be quite interesting to see if they deal with our same requests in the same way! Ali.
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