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  1. Hi David, I had exactly the same problem with the cowls for my 4A. Thin and weak. However, with a bit of persuation and cutting, I just managed to get the two screws in. I had to relieve a lot of the plastic by cutting slicing it where is surrounds the column. If I remember correctly I got them off an ebay seller, probably a mistake, maybe they would have been better from one of the big suppliers. I am planning a bit of restoration around the dash area so I may possibly replace these poor quality pieces.
  2. Thanks guys. Just an update ... The float did come off quite easily. It had looked to me like the little shaft had been peened at both ends, but not so. Rob, thanks for the link, but you were correct that sucarb.co.uk are out of stock. But I managed to get a pair from southerncarbs.co.uk who appear to have plenty. Good service - ordered yesterday, here this morning. Here is the old needle compared to the new one - I think it is pretty obvious why it was sticking ...
  3. Actually Pete, when I mentioned doing it at school I just meant tapping a new thread in a blank hole - not sure what was around then for fixing stripped threads, that would have been far too advanced for 'O' level metalwork.
  4. I think it's a sticking needle jet. This has happened three or four times now. I start the car, back it out the garage, do stuff for the next couple of minutes and when I'm about to get in the car (or just a little bit down the road) it starts missing. First time by judicious removal of plug leads I was able to determine it was the front two not firing which led me to the front float chamber which was just about empty. The float an needle seemed to be moving ok, so I put it back and all was ok, at least for that trip. It has happened a couple of times since - by the time I have pulle
  5. Hi Pete, I'm still following and enjoying your thread, and finding it a really useful guide to some of the things I am attempting on my car - I particularly like your clear photos which really help. A point on 'helicoiling'. I have used a similar (probably the same) kit as you for a couple of threads on my car. I seem to remember from my metal work classes at school a zillion years ago that: i) when tapping a hole we used three taps, small/medium/large in sequence to take out progressively larger cuts. The last one I seem to remember was called the 'plug'? I was concerned when I
  6. Also ... You mention that your underwriters have confirmed your car is on the MID, but maybe just check yourself to be sure ... https://ownvehicle.askmid.com/
  7. ... take a look at this: https://www.gov.uk/government/news/dvla-releases-latest-scam-images-to-help-keep-motorists-safe-online
  8. Also, do everything you can to ensure it's not a scam.
  9. Thank you. Copy now on my garage wall. Alistair.
  10. Hi Steve, sounds like a great job - I really appreciate your efforts on this. Please count me in for one for my 4A when you plan your next batch. Cheers, Ali.
  11. I have just replaced the dynamo on my 4A with an alternator. The old one was still working, but bearings a little past it. Are you going to Malvern? If so I'll bring it - FOC if it suits your needs. Ali.
  12. Just an update... I needed a new interlock dowel (which was missing) and a new spring and ball for the 1st/2nd detent, and used the two good plungers and springs for the other two selector shafts. I suspect I should have replaced one of the other plungers for a ball, but the suppliers diagrams were all a bit different and I went with the Revington one in the end. Rimmer had the dowel but not the spring, Moss had the spring but not the dowel. Rimmer is down the road, so dowel from them. Moss wanted £4.60 postage for a £1.80 spring, so got it from Revington who just charged postage at
  13. Here's a pic - not perfect as it was difficult to cover the pointy bits of the hood frame!
  14. Dave, I recently bought one for my 4A from Don Trimming: http://www.donhoods.com/ They are the company that makes them (probably supply the big parts people?). The product was great quality and good value. The 4A has 7 'pointy' type studs along the back and 3 normal press studs along each side. Don Trimmings supplied the hood cover with the press studs and eyelets separate for me to attach myself. I guess thats because their position could vary slightly from car to car. I managed to fit mine using a simple drift/punch of the correct diameter and a hammer, with a piece of wood un
  15. Ian, Just a possibility ... I recently had an issue with very slightly 'loose' wheels, so I looked into it closely and I think I have 'mainly' solved it by tightening the bearings up a bit - they were slightly loose. But, I took the offending wheel off and put the spinner on counting how many half turns until fully tight. It was about 13 (not easy to measure accurately). When I put the wheel back on I counted about, err 12 1/2, or maybe slightly more turns until tight. So I may be just ok in terms of getting the wheel clamped up, or I may not. Whatever, it is too close for my liking.
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