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  1. Just over a year ago the space where the 4A is contained a Velocette Venom, BMW R90/6 and a Fireblade - needed the space and money for the car - did I make the right decision ? I needed the Africa Twin for a Trans-Americas ride I did in 2018: Prudhoe Bay, Alaska to Ushuaia, Tierra del Fuego; 24,500 miles, 14 countries, 5 1/2 months.
  2. I notice most of the above are missing oil and corrosion (which I had assumed to be mandatory), so just in the interest of balance ... (Actually, it is looking a bit better than this now, and very gradually improving).
  3. I wish more of my rattles were missing, and that those that aren't missing were at least visible!
  4. So, I tried again to get the nut off the pulley. I attach a picture of the alternator together with its instruments of torture. Those with a keen eye will note the injuries I inflicted on the fan part which at some point yesterday I held in the vice. John, I tried the rope trick but to no avail; Chris, you will see that the pulley is plastic, so after damaging the fan I though it best not to put the pulley in the vice. I tried the breaker bar approach and the short sharp shock approach. I suspect that the manufacturer just assumes the pulley is on for life and assembled it as such. P
  5. Thanks for your replies. I'll give it another go tomorrow to get the new alternator pulley off using the techniques suggested and I'll report back.
  6. As always, one job leads to another. I had always assumed that sometime in the future I may want to consider: Alternator, Narrow Belt, Electric Fan conversion, preferably one at a time. But ideally not just yet as I have loads of other things to do which are more important. However, my dynamo is showing signs of bearing wear so I had to deal with it and had the choice of reconditioned/new dynamo now or go for an alternator. Thinking that of each of the three things above the alternator conversion is probably the most sensible, I'll do that now. So the plan was to install the alt
  7. I should have included these pics of the Mikalor clips to help with your decision ... If you like the look they're probably fine if you get the right diameter. I don't know if they do them any thinner than 20mm.
  8. Hi Pete ... "And I'd also question whether the the old wire type clips are perhaps better than the lumpy jubilee clips for these smaller pipes.? Perhaps the Mikalor stainless steel band clamps are worth investing in, if they are available in that smaller size, as they tend to distribute the clamping pressure more evenly. Opinions invited" I have just used Mikalor clips on some of my hoses. For the bottom hose to block, via the steel tube, (i.e. 4 required) I used 43-47mm 'part stainless steel' ones at £1.78 each from ebay. In hindsight this was probably a mistake - I measured the ho
  9. Hi Bob, that's very tempting, and I may do soon. However, for now I think it will have to go some way down my list of things to do/get - for everything one thing I do I seem to add two more things to the list! (e.g. see below). Hi Stuart, yes I can understand that, and my advance mechanism feels a bit *anky (technical term - I'm not sure it's used/allowed in these circles). Is there an easy way of checking the distributor mechanics (any links?). Thanks.
  10. I have just installed a Powerspark unit in the distributor of my '66 4a and included a 'Bosch Blue Coil' - £34.95 + £24.80 from: https://simonbbc.com/Powerspark-Electronic-Ignition-Kit-for-Lucas-25D--DM2-Distributor-K2--R1 Very easy to fit and it has improved the engine running as it was getting a bit iffy at higher revs. Now I know this could have been fixed by getting the points spot on (I think they were pretty good anyway), ensuring that the condenser was spot on, and ensuring that there were no issues with my old coil (I've already got a new cap and leads). But by buy
  11. Don't want want to hi-jack this thread, but just a quick related question: I am thinking of fitting relays, but If I moved to LED lighting would it be no longer necessary/worthwhile? Ali.
  12. 'Should a vehicle be presented for an MOT test with conversions before 1 April 1986 they must not be failed with immediate effect.' As others have said, what a totally ridiculous sentence - it is just hilarious! 'Should a vehicle be presented ...' - well maybe it should or shouldn't - you tell us. '... with conversions before 1 April 1986 ... ' - well if it's been presented before that then it's a bit historic - oh you mean if the conversion was before then - how would you know when the conversion was done? '... they must not ...' - that would be multiple vehicles then?
  13. The reason you see two horizontal holes is so that the mounts were interchangeable (side to side) when they originally built the chasis (as I understand it) - but you have to drill new holes for your second stud below the front holes. I've just done mine. I've been told that most TR4's should have had this done by now as it was something dealers were supposed to do when servicing them - it wasn't quite a recall in those days.
  14. Pete, Just wanted to say how much I am enjoying and learning from your posts. I bought my 4a last August, it needs a lot of tidying and your posts really have been helping me understand things. Thanks and I hope you keep up the good work. Alistair.
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