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  1. Thanks everyone, very helpful. Strobe has arrived so I will experiment.
  2. I need to adjust the timing on my TR6 PI and have read so much about settings I have confused myself totally. I have ordered a strobe and will be using this, it seems the setting for this should be 4 ATDC (vs 11 BTDC static). Have I got this correct? Also, I have heard that it can be useful to adjust timing slightly to cater for modern unleaded fuel but not sure if this is correct or if so what adjustment should be made. Thanks.
  3. Thanks folks, very helpful. Will track downsome better fuel stations and try the redex.
  4. Can anyone give a view on using the redex cleaner for a 2.5 pi tr6. Just bought the car and getting used to it and its quite rough on tickover. I've had a local triumph expert reset the timing, replaced an injector and plugs. I'm thinking of treating it to the redex sytem cleaner but want to be sure its not going to do more harm than good. Thanks.
  5. Thanks everyone, I think ill go for refurbishing mine in the first instance, and it seems like many of you aren’t impressed with Rimmers.
  6. Any view on the difference between these 2 suppliers? Just got a TR6 and looking to buy a new starter motor, moss much cheaper but does Rimmer bros have a reputation for higher quality? Seems to be a common that Rimmer is more expensive on the items I have looked at.
  7. Thanks, I joined last week so will pick up your suggestion.
  8. I want to buy a TR6 and have found what looks like a great car…but this is my first classic car all I know is what I can read on the forums which whilst very helpful is no substitute for someone who really knows how to check/assess a car. So can anyone help/recommend someone or a company who can take a look at the car for me. The car is in the Swindon area. Thanks..
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