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    Sorry guys I must have the worst typing skills around add that to nil internet skill and you have ME! any way adding this on to my first feeble effort there is no such activity on the drivers side door yet definitely doesn’t seem to open as far the passengers side.Any thoughts would be welcome regards nige
  2. Hi all The drivers side door on my CP model 72 car seems to open only three quarters as wide as the passengers side,there is a pause before fully opened on the passenger side albeit with a rather pronounced bang before fully opened,yet there is no
  3. Sorry guys not explaining myself well here,yes it’s as you say Mike nige
  4. Hi all Can anyone out there throw any light on why there are four holes in the above instead of three! I thought there should be three,but as far as I am led to believe the clutch has never been changed or gear box removed from the car. thanks in anticipation nige
  5. Great will try thanks nige
  6. Hi all i have just put an original steering wheel on my 72 cp I fitted a new carbon brush and assembly was straightforward but I have developed a squeak each time the wheel is turned a bit like rubbing polystyrene tiles together EEEK??.Should I have lubricated the brush some how . any thoughts please guys nige
  7. Will check out all these thoughts thanks again lads nige
  8. Hi John have just raised the car back up on stands to re,bleed clutch,the master cylinder , slave cylinder and rods are all new (Moss).when cold 123 have to be really forced,(stationary).after ten or fifteen miles 123 still very clunky to get in even when on the move,double declutching was still hit and miss when going down and still hard to get 1 when waiting at lights.Slightly more success if I selected 2 and then tried 1 again?? nige
  9. You lads never fail thanks lads will check all advice /info out regards nige
  10. Hi all I have just taken my 72 out for its first shake down after buying it and doing all the jobs I could do,the car wasn’t drivable when bought but it did start,although it runs lumpy I was anticipating that.My question is gearbox related,the gears 1 2 3 are quite hard to engage,first is hard to get even when stopped at traffic lights, is this a normal thing (first TR6 I have owned) for this model car.I might add that this was quite a long test drive (given the miss fire) and the car was well warm,also what would be acceptable oil pressure at tick over when warm. Any thoughts/comments w
  11. Right got it thanks Stuart regards nige
  12. Hi all the trim strip that runs along the seal on the near side of my car is missing (just the rivets left) the other side is still there but I can only count 5 rivets in total,when I look at the remaining strip I can see no evidence of a rivet on the bottom of the rear wing,nor even on the other side where it’s just the rivets showing.So does this mean that the last bit of trim just rests against the bottom of the rear wing which seems to be ever so slightly proud of the bottom of the door when looking along its length? The other side (fitted trim) seems to be doing just that, any t
  13. I,m on it thanks guys nige
  14. Ok firstly thanks for taking the time to reply guys,so I think I will have a go doing this with a mate of mine who knows infinitely more than me but his knowledge is all american mostly (carbs).One question I have is on checking the throttle bodies for vacuum I can’t seem to find a bung big enough to seal around the opening (bet I am making myself look really daft here) I have a vacuum tester that seems to fit every thing else!! I will also invest in a colour tune kit and yes the metering unit was sent for refurbishment prior to purchase any advice on the vacuum bung thing or where I can purch
  15. Hi all i have asked this before but does anyone know of a good place to take my car to for tuning as i am nearly at the tuning stage after a light restoration,my problem is I can’t find a good recommend tuner for my fuel injected car.Its all pretty much standard but most contacts I have made seem almost reluctant to take the job on (maybe to old or just not the sort of car they are used to),to be fair although they dont refuse I am left wondering if it may become a learning experience for them just as it would for me,and I would much prefer an experienced eye rather than a learning as you
  16. As usual a great spread of advice and info thanks lads very much nige
  17. Hi all i am progressing with my 72 cp and I find myself wondering about originality over reliability and performance regarding the fuel injection system,I have seen carburettor set ups that look positively mouth watering.Or should the original Lucas set up be adhered to or is the Bosch set up more reliable,the car does not run well and the running issues will be my next task so now may be the best time to consider different options and as ever cost will become a consideration.Above all though reliability will be the watch word,any thoughts would be welcome from this ever knowledgeable ban
  18. Thanks for all the info gents I can work with that regards nige
  19. Hi all Does anyone know how many rivets and the approximate position of them to hold on the sill trims please regards nige
  20. Hi all just fitted all the above and it was the leads,I spoke to Tony at Moss and he told me as you rightly said Kev there is no ballast resistor on 72 cp.Anyhoo car runs tons better now thanks all nige
  21. With you on that one Mike i have just ordered new leads/cap/coil/plugs/points from Moss i will get to the bottom of this one way or another thanks for the advice lads stay safe almost there nige
  22. I hear you lads,but why am I not getting any form of resistance reading when I test the lead (off the car)shouldn’t I get some thing as the p/o fitted carbon fibre type leads?or am I missing something with my limited knowledge!the car wasn’t running well when we acquired it nige
  23. Certainly sooty but not wet Mike,(plugs 1and2)less so
  24. Hi all i would welcome any comments on this problem that’s driving me nuts,my 72 has had a rough running/miss since I bought it but my friend and I have been trying to sort it for weeks.It starts but ticks over rough and when the revs go up a miss is clearly evident along with some popping and banging ,the things we have checked out using the brown manual is fuel supply including the injection system and all the timing set up situations.Now here’s the thing,we can’t get a spark when shorting out no3 lead at all,the sparks on the other leads aren’t that good either,the leads distributor ca
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