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  1. Yes mine is A type and the picture helps make it clearer thanks Iain
  2. Hi all I intend to remove the drain plug on the o/d (I hope),but my access is fairly tight and although I have my stands under the chassis rails I cant physically get directly underneath the bung to see how to remove the filter.I am hoping it just falls out with the old oil, or is that wishful thinking regards nige
  3. That’s cool I am going to end up with arms like bl**dy popeye nige
  4. Oh well,it was worth the ask! thanks Stuart
  5. Hi all is there a need to remove the overdrive drain plug if I remove the drain plug from the gearbox and drain the old oil from there as the drain plug on the o/d is REALLY hard to move even with the Moss supplied tool. thanks in anticipation of any replies stay safe nige
  6. Thanks lads I think I have ordered all the bits required as you suggest but more reassuring is the absence of any nasty awkward bits of the job so I can start the job with a bit more confidence as I’m very much learning as I go stay safe all nige
  7. Hi all I hope to start on renewing my throttle cable,the manifold end seems relatively straightforward but the brown book is a little brief about the bulk head fitting and pedal attachments.Are there any hidden nasties there and how does the bulk head washer come grommet thing come apart ready for new cable ,Any comments would be most appreciated stay safe all. Nige
  8. Thanks for all your help lads,I’m sure I can move forward with all the comments you have taken the trouble to send through regards nige
  9. That’s a great help lads,now please excuse my stupidity here but my car is right hand drive so would the plug be on the same side for either left or right hand drive.I can’t get under the car to even see what the plug looks like so I run the risk of looking even MORE daft than I already am regards nige
  10. Hi all i am thinking I may be able to make an inspection cover on my gearbox tunnel for the filler plug but I don’t know where it is without removing the tunnel itself so can anyone tell me it’s approximate position so that I may start cutting the hardboard type stuff the tunnel is made of for the inspection cover location.I hope I am right in thinking the gearbox and overdrive use the same filler hole!as jacking up the car and using stands is rather a faff and hard on the back at my age regards nige
  11. See!! That’s what I mean about this forum.its never failed me with plenty of patience and knowledge.Mike can I show my ignorance and ask what and where would I find the brake booster connection, we will be working our way through all of the points covered Many Many thanks all regards and stay safe all
  12. Hi all I am checking out lumpy running and a vague miss when taking up the revs,the car had this problem when purchased last year,(one of the many jobs to do),I am tackling this job with a mechanic friend of mine with little 1972 tr6 experience.The plugs seem to be new NGK BP6 ES But all but 1 and 2 are really sooty! and the points are new.Will be using a dwell angle meter and vacuum gauge and fitting champion N9Y plugs and renewing points,just in case it’s something simple,as I know even less than my friend I was wondering if there were any pointers from the eternal fountain of friendly
  13. You’re spot on Mike,the button was indeed in the up position ! Pressed it down and hey presto. Thanks once again guys for all the offers and advice,don’t know what I’d do without you all nige
  14. Morning all I am trying to start my 72 after copious cleaning of the engine bay over the autumn/winter but to no avail,I only heard it running a short while before buying it last year.I don’t know to much about my 6 YET! but I’m learning with the help of you guys so forgive my ignorance,I have cleaned and dried everything but I don’t hear the fuel pump making a noise and I’m sure it’s supposed to Once you turn on the ignition.I have looked in the boot at what I am thinking must be the pump and there is a white wire and a black wire going into where i assume the pump noise must come from s
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