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  1. As usual prompt solid info and thoughts thanks lads will get to it regards nige
  2. Hi all this might be a regular (old chestnut) but your opinions are as always most welcome and valued,the fuel pump on my car is as far as I know original and it is also noisy,the noise even goes up and down when I dip the clutch or operate the indicators!! Revington TR have quoted me to fit a new set up (ouch)but I have this nagging feeling that although I don’t do many miles it’s never let me down and lm wondering if I am changing it for a possibly less noisy set up and not much more.As i have been considering this for a while and frankly getting nowhere any opinions would be great.
  3. Thanks for a quick reply lads,I was only told this morning that it may be blowing but as usual you’re help is both informative and quick,I will check it out thanks again Nige
  4. Hi all have just been informed that manifold may be blowing ,if it is! Is this much of a job and can I attempt this at home assuming it’s just a gasket any thoughts please nige
  5. Will check on that and the relevant info thanks Alfrom
  6. Hi all my Speedo needle bounces (sometimes wildly)any thoughts on rectifying please any one regards nige
  7. Ok got it thanks Peter nige
  8. Hi all just a general question really as I am about to check out a steering wheel for my 1972 model and was wondering if there were any real taboos,I intend to remove the original wheel and store it and I have settled on a semi dished wheel and I think I will need a boss etc.I am hoping this will afford me a little more room so any comments would as usual be very much appreciated nige
  9. As always quick reply,straight forward answers thanks guys nige
  10. Hi all hope a good Christmas was had by all.I am looking to renew the metal sill strips on the car,the rivets on one side are mostly missing (holes still there but strip missing) and the other side still has the strip fixed.Now I can order the stuff I need from Moss but what size drill do I need to drill out the old rivets without making the hole to big for the replacement rivets,hope I am not making myself look to daft by asking but I simply don’t know thanks in anticipation nige
  11. Great info/advice thanks guys rest assured I will be looking at all the points raised many thanks nige
  12. Well this leads me to my next question,having checked most of the suggestions through and found no problems I began to think I haven’t had the car running much though Revington tr had it for a while and didn’t mention the pump being overly noisy.So would a Bosch pump be less noisy in anyway,now I think of it the previous owner made no mention of pump problems so assuming it’s me being paranoid,my son in law runs a tvr chimera and although you can hear the pump when he switches the ignition on you would be hard pressed to hear it when running.What is the noise difference between the two of any
  13. All taken on board thanks guys
  14. Hi all any one out there come across an effective way of cutting down the noise from the Lucus fuel pump in my 72 model,I think I read somewhere that caution is needed as they can over heat and need adequate air around them any thoughts/info most welcome thanks nige
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