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  1. Your right it looks well good ,thanks for info nige
  2. Welcome mate dont worry about asking questions NOBODY asks more questions than me but these guys are brilliant and always ready to answer questions and offer advice. regards nige
  3. Hi All I have just bought a great original steering wheel for my car and although I won’t be fitting it yet I was wondering where I could get a good blow up picture of how the whole thing goes together .I haven’t taken the existing wheel off yet (the existing horn works on that one)the wheel I have just bought comes with the centre rubber mount but I shall be buying a period horn push with the correct badge and I think I may need a horn brush thingy!any advice would be much appreciated nige
  4. Hi all i am trying to amass some parts for my rebuild and trying to get as close to original as possible,my question is what badge was at the steering wheel centre for a 1973 CP model.I have seen two,either just plain TRIUMPH or the blue/white STANDARD badge any ideas please regards nige
  5. Mmm! Food for thoughts many thanks gents
  6. nigelcurry


    Hi all I am looking at new bumpers for my 72 car and have been quoted around a grand to have the original ones rechromed,I see moss charges 790 gbp inc postage for polished s/ steel ones.I wonder if anyone out there has had this dilemma as I have been told that after market bumpers may not be the best quality ( not necessarily Moss)once again can I be a pain and ask if anyone has any thoughts on this,I can assure you guys that any thoughts are most welcome and taken on board. regards nige
  7. Taking all advice on board thank you,can I ask what you guys would consider good or at least acceptable compression readings,as the last owner had readings done fairly recently.I know I can find them in a book but I would prefer real world advice from the guys in the real world obviously meaning no disrespect to the book writers nige
  8. As ever very interesting thanks guys nige
  9. Morning all just wondering what opinions were around as to the absolute need for converting my cp head to unleaded nige
  10. Hi all do I need to remove the metering unit and distributor when removing the cylinder head on my 1972 car as this will be a big learning curve for me so any thoughts would be welcome thanks Nige
  11. Hi all Looking to convert my car so it runs on unleaded petrol. Whilst I’ve got the head off to do this conversion are there other simple modifications I can do to increase the power from the 150bhp engine? For example bigger valves and new headers be worth doing? Or any other suggestions? Thanks, Nige.
  12. Ahh now I’ve got it thanks guys nige
  13. Got it excellent thanks guys nige
  14. Ok I’ve asked the wrong question!! so if Andy has put me right on the check straps,then my next question is where are the two hinges in question,and are they accessible if I remove the seats and carpet and do I need to remove the dash board. thanks guys
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