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  1. How about turning the crank until number 4 piston is on the upstroke. Feed some rope into the combustion chambers and turn the crank compressing the rope and forcing the cylinder head upward. Pressure can be applied in that manner while some technical taps are applied to the head. This method can also be applied to keep valves in place if replacement of the valve springs might be required without removing the head.
  2. Thank you all for your input! Steve Baker
  3. I am trying to remove the sludge plugs from my crankshaft. They appear to be original as this crank has never been turned or balanced. The plugs have 1/4" internal hex keys. I have tried moderate heating with a MAP torch and then tried turning one with a device that I attach to my rivet gun. It allows me to hammer and turn at the same time. Alas, no luck. My next thought is more heat, but in a more specific area by using my oxy torch. Anyone willing to share their experiences would be greatly appreciated. Regards, Steve Baker
  4. I am disassembling the engine on my '58 TR3A and am pondering replacement of the crankshaft and camshaft sprockets. What is the criteria for inspection of the sprockets to determine re-use vs. replacement? Thanks in advance for your time. Steve
  5. The wiring in my stator tube was nipped off flush on both ends. I drilled them out. I started with a 1/8" standard bit, then an extension bit and finally a drill bit welded onto a small diameter rod. It took a while and I was amazed at how much wire I got out of the tube. I eventually used barrel cleaning brushes to remove all the debris. It took a while but was worth it I think. Steve
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