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  1. Hi, I’m seeing if someone has come across something similar. Has anyone had a Bosch fuel pump that runs over pressure causing over fuelling to point of failure? my TR6 has been running well up to about Jan (always rich though), then started having issues with being a little lumpy then struggling to idle. Its now got to a point where you can start it without choke as long as you rev but it won’t idle. Its running so rich, I did all the checks I could do then got it to a garage. They’ve said it may be the metering unit, however the pump appears to be over pressure by a good 20% (it’s a
  2. DanC

    Rims for wheels

    Thanks everyone! They look great, think I will get some
  3. DanC

    Rims for wheels

    My steels either need a refurb or Treat myself to a set of the pictured rims (they look like two different sorts). My question is does anyone have photos of them on their cars? Also are they prone to falling off? thank you
  4. DanC

    Headlight query

    Apparently these from rimmer bros are the correct ones but there are so many. Thanks all for responses and patience
  5. DanC

    Headlight query

    There’s the main hole for the bulb and a smaller one below, I will get a picture
  6. DanC

    Headlight query

    Hi, I recently come into possession of a 73 pi, all I know is it’s apparently a survivor so wish to keep it as standard or original as possible. I am a novice so please bear with me. So was looking at getting my light rims rechromed, but managed to find some replacements online. Now I’ve opened them up it looks like the light bowls are in need of replacement (look tatty) but they show pilot bulb lights that appear not to have been used(blanked on one and taped over in other). So currently looking to replace with front bowls with no pilot light hole, just wondering if this was standa
  7. Thanks everyone for the comments!!!
  8. Hi, I’m new to this and my knowledge of TRs is weak at best, I’ve now got a 73 PI (survivor). The points/ends have been replaced but it’s been suggested I replace with electric ignition for more reliability in future. Would this impact the originality of the car, or is this pretty standard practice? Thanks in advance
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