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  1. I’ve identified my solenoid is shorting (connect power, it tries to come on). I’m struggling to find a direct replacement and most others don’t look like they fit to the starter. Can anyone point me in a direction to fix. the part number is a lucas 76929a (assume this is part number)
  2. Thanks all for response, I’m glad it sparked further useful queries..... onto the next question ...
  3. It’s a 73 pi if that makes any difference. With overdrive
  4. Hi again, just curious if this is correctly wired as my starter comes on straight away when connecting battery, so unsure if The switch is incorrect or I have a live earth on starter, so confirming this first. there is also a white and pink behind the two white on the left.
  5. I’m near Garstang so think my local group is in Cumbria
  6. Thank you, will clean them up, see if that makes a difference as it is the join that’s really hot. if that fails, what gauge wire should I replace with? Or is it a new loom?
  7. Hi all, please bare with me. Long story short, was going to take the car out today and it wouldn’t start, realised pump wasn’t coming on, stripped out boot for access and slowly worked my way back to the beginning {eye roll).... loose connector in the ignition switch by looks. Anyway as I was putting everything back together to take it out for a spin the fuel pump wiring join pictured (three wire one more so), was incredibly hot to the touch. It cooled down when power was off, but gets hot when pump gets power. Is this normal? PS. I’m a rookie, so if anyone has any technical e
  8. Hi, I’m seeing if someone has come across something similar. Has anyone had a Bosch fuel pump that runs over pressure causing over fuelling to point of failure? my TR6 has been running well up to about Jan (always rich though), then started having issues with being a little lumpy then struggling to idle. Its now got to a point where you can start it without choke as long as you rev but it won’t idle. Its running so rich, I did all the checks I could do then got it to a garage. They’ve said it may be the metering unit, however the pump appears to be over pressure by a good 20% (it’s a
  9. DanC

    Rims for wheels

    Thanks everyone! They look great, think I will get some
  10. DanC

    Rims for wheels

    My steels either need a refurb or Treat myself to a set of the pictured rims (they look like two different sorts). My question is does anyone have photos of them on their cars? Also are they prone to falling off? thank you
  11. DanC

    Headlight query

    Apparently these from rimmer bros are the correct ones but there are so many. Thanks all for responses and patience
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