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  1. Bob / Waldi, Thanks for the feedback. Going back to check the timing again. Will report back later. David
  2. Jerry, Waldi Thanks for the quick replies. I got excited for a while about the manifold idea but unfortunately, I think mine was on correctly. I took it apart but pretty sure it was correct based on some on-line photos. Also tried the new fuel after flushing the system. The engine still doesn't even offer to start. Hopefully you can check my photo's re-timing. The 1 and 2 valves are rocking at TDC with rotor arm in position 1 so I'm pretty sure this means the cam-shaft is not 180 deg out. My thoughts from the start are that it is carb related and I actually don't think t
  3. Team, This is my first posting although I've used the forum many times in the past for technical searches so appreciate all the information provided. I'm based in Aberdeen and have a 1972 TVR 2500M (UDB 744K) which I've had since 1989. As you will be aware, the car is based on a TR6. It's a long story but based on work and family commitments, its been garaged for more than 20 years with a seized engine. I've now retired and started a restoration. I'm not a mechanic but have a electromechanical background so I'm OK at using the forums and TR manuals. I've rebuilt the engine (num
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