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  1. New battery, started right up! Thanks all!
  2. Hi all. I’m in the US and auto stores will test your battery. I am going to do that today and will report back. Thanks !
  3. Hello everyone. I am having a quirky issue with my 1973 TR6 and was hoping to get some thoughts. The other day the car would not start. It would not turn over at all, made no noise when I engaged the ignition. However when I jump it with jumper cables the car starts right up every time ! But after I let it run for a while or drive it, it will not start again after I turn it off. My multi meter shows the battery at 10.6 volts when the car is off. When the car is running the battery is at 14.5 volts or so (so it seems like the alternator is working). As you know the batter
  4. MPo

    Engine cut out

    About $10.00 !
  5. MPo

    Engine cut out

    Hello everyone. Just an update. I was able to change the rotor from the black one to the red one. I also was able to remove the old bad earth wire and replace it. It was a bit of a challenge because one of the screws would not come out but I was able to soder it okay. the good news is that the issue seems to be corrected. I’ve only driven it about 5 miles but so far so good ! I just want to thank everyone for all the input and advice!
  6. MPo

    Engine cut out

    Is the dizzy the rotor?
  7. MPo

    Engine cut out

    Hello thanks you for all the feedback! I will try to fix that wire and also clean the corrosion in the distributor. Can anyone give me a tip about how to clean the parts in the distributor ? I will order the suggested rotor as well. Thanks !
  8. MPo

    Engine cut out

    Hi all thanks for the welcome. My name is Matt. The car has an electronic ignition and dual Weber carbs. No modifications other than the carbs. I will check the connections going to the coil to be sure they are good. I did open up the distributor cap today and noticed a very small wire that might be a ground , it was very frayed. I doubt this is what is causing the trouble though. See pic ! It is visible in the upper left corner.
  9. MPo

    Engine cut out

    Hello everyone. I have a 1973 TR6. Over the past month, when driving, the engine has started cutting out from time to time. I would pull over it would start right up and I would be on my way. It has been more often lately. Now, when I start the car in my garage, the second I move the gear shift into reverse the engine immediately stops. It does not feel like a mechanical issue to me, the way they engine just abruptly stops, it feels electrical or other. The car has been kept up very well, and over the past few years I've had a new fuel pump, new starter, new red ignition wire,
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