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    Fun cars - In 1972 - '68 TR5 (no o/d); then subsequently: '72 Lotus Elan+2; '69 TR6; '69 TR5; Porsche Macan GTS & now '68 TR250.

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  1. Looking to have made-up a mohair or similar high quality, made-to-fit, Surrey Top in Royal Blue - any recommendations, experiences good or bad?
  2. Nice pic Mark, look great on the TR & interesting in what you say Stuart. AS MWS aren't too far away from me I may go and make a visit and chat with them. Philip
  3. Hi Graeme - Just seen a photo of your blue TR250.  Any other photos available please?  There are certain areas that I'm looking at to do the same to my TR250.  The front indicators are flatter than the UK style - is this a Canadian thing as they look better?    Philip

    1. graeme


      Hi Philip,

      I have over 3000 detailed photos of the rebuild of my TR250. If you PM me your email address I can send photos to you. Apart from the indicators any specific areas you are interested in? BTW the indicators on my car are standard for all TR250 supplied but if your car doesn't have them, the previous owner may have changed them for the TR5 version. Graeme


  4. https://www.scparts.co.uk/sc_en/wire-wheel-1-205026.html?gclid=EAIaIQobChMI_NDjouix6wIV2JTVCh06LQKXEAQYAiABEgJxSfD_BwE I'm thinking of buying the above black (Centre Laced) wire wheels for my TR250. The guidance states that they are only for a TR6 and only with modfied front & rear wings! Is this correct that the arches must be adapted to fit these wheels? Is there nothing else that can be done? Does anyone know of any other black wire wheels with splines AND centre laced spokes that may be suitable? Philip
  5. Cheers Tom - all noted. Just gotta find out how to wire-up my gauge & sensor then see what readings I get. Thank you. Philip
  6. Just be aware of abrasion on bodywork if there's the slighest of breeze as it will nicely scrubbed all of the edges it comes in contact with. The 'clinging' type, typically used indoors, that are probably not waterproof, are better but not suitable outdoors!
  7. Hi Tom - I take your point but I'm running triple webers on a Stage 2 head and had considered an oil cooler but was persuaded that it wasn't necessary. Accordingly, I've decided to fit an oil temp gauge to see what temperatures are reached. If then required I'll fit an oil cooler, but acknowledge your view. Thank you. Philip
  8. Hi Bob - Yes, that hadn't crossed my mind until I started looking at the wiring! Do you know where's the best location for the sensor if there's more than one?
  9. I require some guidance & advice please - I'm fitting a Smiths oil temperature gauge to my TR250 and require a sensor (TT4806-00) - which thread is it? I guess it's UNF and not NPT and where's best to fit it? I'm also obtaining a voltage stabiliser to reduce to 10v. Philip
  10. Andy/Rich - The idea of using an enlraged hole had crossed my mind so thanks for that . Currently, there is just the knob (I believe) there as the previous owner fitted 'blue' LED lights (not to my liking) so the reostat isn't in place (had thought of fitting an analogue clock though!). Philip
  11. It seems the general views are that I will NOT fit an oil cooler unless racing over the Grossglockner Pass but WILL fit an oil temperature gauge. Just sourced an original Smith's black bezel Oil Temp gauge (arrives in 2 days) and just have to establish where/how to fit it!! (any ideas?). Thanks to all again.
  12. That's some interesting responses and it's propmted me to re-think, perhaps a temp gauge might be the first line of attack for my TR250. It has triple webers with a Stage 2 head so I'm anticipating it might get hot and hence the idea of an oil cooler.
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