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  1. A big public thank you to all who responded with suggestions and offers of help. Justin from Ireland has been very kind and sent me just the piece required. Some nice people in this group, thank you.
  2. I almost fell foul of this new legislation. I ordered, and took delivery today, of a complete set of LEDs (all external and internal lights) for my TR4A. When booking it into my local garage to do the job they advised me of this brand new legislation. Fortunately when I contacted the supplier they were happy to take back the headlamp LEDs and refund me in full....they too have been caught out by this new ruling. Full marks for excellent customer service. Classic Car LEDS of Cheltenham, I can't recommend them too highly.
  3. My TR4A carpet set is missing one piece only, the vertical piece adjacent to the driver's footwell (RHD). Is it possible to obtain this one piece only, as the rest of the set is in excellent condition? Any advice gratefully accepted, thank you.
  4. The driver's side wiper on my '67 TR4A has failed. The spindle turns without the wiper arm attached but not with. The spindle also pulls out of the wheel box and I believe it should be part of it, (see photo). I'm assuming I need to fit a new wheel box....any guidance or advice before I start what seems to be a difficult job for accessibility.
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