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    There are no listed FIA homologation papers for TR2 or TR3 if you want HTP papers I have been told to present an absolutely standard production car and papers can then be issued. What a laugh, when some of the original Le Mans cars had fibre glass bodies, discs front and rear, twin cam heads on the engines and many other things; they were allowed to race by the grace of the FIA in the worlds most prestigious sports car race. As it stands at the moment if you turn up for an HTP inspection with a ex Le Mans car you shouldn't be able to get FIA papers or HTP on that vehicle, yet they do! So, those of us that wish to race our TR2's and 3's in meetings and other races that demand HTP papers, can't. Oh I forgot, if you are French or Belgian and you turn up at a Spa for the 3 hour race or the Le Mans Classic, you can have HTP papers and you can enter! Being British and our Inspectors toeing the line, means we can't have HTP papers for a race car with any modifications away from Factory Standard issue, so we can't compete at the same level, all we are allowed to do is shuffle around in our bog standard cars even if we do present to the HTP inspectors period documents showing that TR2 and 3 vehicles were produced at the factory with different chassis, rack and pinion steering, disc brakes fore and aft, Weber Carburetors, larger fuel tanks, modified radiators etc etc ,.,. we will still not get our papers to enable us to race. Or is there a way through? I have just noticed a Dutch TR3 with HTP sitting on Minilites with a reference to the fact that it has fibre glass panels and rack and pinion steering! Maybe we should take our cars to Holland to get them HTP'd. Not happy
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