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  1. I have just installed a new aluminium tank into my 1969 TR6. There was foam padding to each side and behind the tank. It was a very snug fit and even before I tightened the holding bolts there was very little opportunity to vibrate or move. I did not use rubber washers as they weren’t there when I dismantled old tank. I can see advantage of running a separate earthing cable but didn’t do that either (good idea I will look at). But my fuel sender unit earth is good, and fuel sender is working well. I’m pretty sure the foam padding was original (52 yrs old) so highly likely not fire rated s
  2. Rob, Appreciate the comment on flammable limits and petrol tank. Good point. Does give me some peace of mind. I must admit I have flitted between the dark side and light and enjoyed both marques. My background and career triggers my over abundance of caution - its been ingrained in me.
  3. I have just taken my fuel sender out of the tank and then refitted to a new tank. Sender appears to be very simple but not sure what is actually inside the box that the float arm goes into. I’m guessing some sort of rheostat/ variable resister. If the fix is on the arm or float my view would be this is easy / achievable. If the problem is on the box my worry would be making a fix / adjustment that allowed some electrical spark. I don’t know enough on exactly how it works but it does have a “live” and an “earth” connection hence the worry. It comes off the voltage stabiliser so again I’m guessi
  4. Sorry, meant to say. Moss Europe offer part 293- 401.
  5. Just to update. I have replaced the low pressure fuel hoses on the car (5/16”) and also put a new viton gasket for the fuel sender. I replaced the fuel filter last year so left this as it was. I gave the boot space a good clean and removed everything that was in there. So far there is no petrol smell in the boot after two days. I’ll keep checking and will keep the boot empty for next few days. I did replace the old steel tank (it was over 52 years old I guess) so it was easy to make all the connections and check these were tight / not leaking. My main suspicion is the fuel sender gasket was ca
  6. David and all, I’m new to the Register but I’ve had my TR6 since 2007. I must admit I do have smell of petrol in the boot and it has been on my to do list for quite sometime. Appreciate the discussion and suggestions raised. I too also had problem with petrol cap and eventually realised it was not venting. I had a hiss come from the tank when I opened the cap. It was pulling a vacuum as far I can see which in turn was causing the pump to drop pressure and the engine started to stall. I now have vented petrol cap and no issues. I have an early 1969 TR6 with the original Lucas fuel pump. To
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