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  1. Hi Tom, Thanks for the advice and detailed response all of which is very useful. I am tempted to experiment by increasing my main jet from 115 to 120 (and maybe even 125 as you have) as many sources seem to suggest 120 as a starting point (like the SAH data copied above - thanks Bruce). I might try the F7 emulsion tubes too. I can always return to my current settings. Cheers, Tom
  2. Thanks Tom - really useful data. I've just measured my head thickness (my engine not my brain!) and get around 3.39" which combined with 0.020" bores gives 10.1 compression ratio - so my engine may need a timing in between your two engines. I've also measured my advance at around 8 degrees at 500rpm and 22 degrees above 2500rpm which seems low but does fit with your 7 degree distributor advance comment. So it seems my timing needs to be advanced a little and I may need to increase the centrifugal advance. I will experiment and see if I can advance to the point of pinging then back off a c
  3. Thanks very much for all the comments. The distributor looks original (Lucas 41219) and has weights and springs that have been checked out fairly recently. I am about to try to remeasure the advance but I think it is about 10 degrees in the distributor so 20 degrees at the crank. The static is currently set to 10 degrees so that would make 30 total advance at high rpm. Thank you NTC for suggesting 35 - I may try increasing the static advance to see if I can get some pinking (I can't hear any pinking at the moment but then the car is pretty noisy!). The 10:1 compression ratio comment came
  4. I've just bought a TR6 (CP) with triple webers (40s), fast road cam, phoenix sport manifold+exhaust and lumenition optronic performance ignition. I think the compression ratio is around 10:1. It seems to go well (the webers appear to be well tuned) but I am not sure if the timing is optimised for maximum power from the modified engine. I would appreciate your thoughts and recommendations for a distributor timing curve - i.e. the static timing, the maximum timing degrees at high rpm and roughly what rpm this maximum should be reached?
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