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  1. Hi Mates I took the strips out, the middle one was distorted /twisted ( after hours of trying to fit it?) , the outer ones seem fine , I could feel them going into position, so I put hacksaw blades in the middle section, and it fitted a lot better than before any problems , I will update--Barry
  2. Hi Mates Thanks for the tips , I have the the press studs on the side , looks like the strips are too thick and the edge is only only going half in , will have another go , I'm thinking maybe some lubrication? will let you know how I go--Barry
  3. Hi Mates I been trying for hours the get the leading edge of the soft-top to go in the "lip" on top of the screen, it seems to go in alright, but, when I go around to do the other side in comes out again , what's the trick?--Barry
  4. Hi Tim Thanks for that, I have several vintages m/bikes, I have just put one on, it's not on view, but I can see it on my profile file , Is that right?--Barry
  5. Hi Mates Thanks for the tips , I will consider them all, my brother years ago on his TR's used to use the old crook-lock, that hook around the steering wheel, ok for a bit of visual security, but not much good in reality--all the Best--Barry
  6. Hi John--Thanks for that, I have several vintage vehicles, do you know how I can post a list of them on my profile? thanks Barry
  7. Hi Mates How do you "lock" your TR ? it's a simple ignition lock and what the point of locking the doors on a soft-top?, What I do is put a h/duty bicycle lock around the "H " frame support ( on the tr4) left there when not in use and around the steering wheel when locking the car , I leave the boot and doors unlocked w/ no valuables in car and tools under the boot floor , any better ideas? -Barry
  8. Hi Geko Yes's, that done, when it was tested/ inspected by a private tester, I gave him all the details, he sent them off to somewhere and in about 2 hours they sent back OK for it to licensed , the other TR4 I have is a USA import, will have to find out about that one--all the best Barry
  9. Hi Chums-- My Tr4 hadn't been on the road for 40 years, 30 years with me, I was a parts car for 2 TR4's that I finished and put on the road, I also now have another TR4 parts car, who know I might finish it as well ,, all the best Barry
  10. Hi Mates My TR4 has inertia Starter that has bent the armature , it was working fine then sort of siezed up , the engine was cold, the shaft had bent a few degrees, at the same time? when I stripped it I saw one of the brush leads had gone to earth and had burnt the wire out, is it worth trying to straighten it? while I'm here the engine seems hard to turn by hand when hot--not too bad when cold-----Barry
  11. Hi Chums Thanks for the comments, I'm in Perth Western Australia , it a strange place regards to vehicle testing, they are done when they are new then not tested again ( ever) unless they are de-licenced or get a yellow sticker from the police if they think it's bit dodgy, years ago I took a motorbike in , it had a spot of oil on the drain plug and they said the sumps leaking , I said no it isn't I just changed the oil and wiped the spot off , on another time another bike the tester had a torch and was trying to find play in the gear-lever splines, I said is that all you can find and
  12. Hi Chums Just seen in the Moss parts book that the early cars driver side had harder rear springs, I'll show that to the tester ,what about the 30mm front guard arch clearance?--Barry
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