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  1. Hi Mick - still got same issue so trying one more time as roomers said I Woukd weed to Send MCR back to TRW and wait 5 weeks. do you mean you adjusted the servo pushrod by turning the bolt on the end facing the plunger in the MCR? Haynes manual suggests this is possible but my push rod looks nothing like any of the diagrams
  2. Michael - can I ask if this issue has definitely been resolved through adding the washers or have you now adjusted the servo rod (or another solution).? i just purchased a new master cylinder and reservoir from Rimmers (TRW Kit) and get exactly the same problem. Issue with mine is that the plunger seems to stick in place even once the MBC is removed and I have had to tap it out with hammer to release it back to position for first strike. would like to hear if yours is fullybresolved before I invest an more time in trying to sort it . thanks
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