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    Frogeye. A few Moggie thous. Triumph 2000. Riley RME. 2 x midgets. MGB. MGA. MGTD. Spitfire. Fiat 124 Spider Tr3.

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  1. I've used various platers over the years and have never used anyone twice! Either too expensive, they lose something or they think it's OK to keep your stuff for 6 months. However..... I came across Agbrigg Chrome Platers in Leeds and have used them many times. Decent quality, fair price and they turn it around pretty quick. I may have been lucky but its never been more than a couple of weeks. Just my experience. They are doing my stanchions and handbrake now!
  2. I got them out. Plenty heat and an impact driver. The surrounding steel was surprisingly sound. Thanks guys.
  3. I've just ordered some Cobra Roadster SS bucket seats. Going off the dimensions they should fit. At £460 the pair, made to order, I thought fantastic value. Black with white piping. They'll be here in 5 to 6 weeks, so I'll report back.
  4. Thanks. You guys have convinced me that I need to get serious with it! I'll drill the blighters out.
  5. Good evening. My shell has been stripped of everything except the windscreen support brackets,(deuz fastener type). I have tried to undo them but they're somewhat reluctant. I've noticed other projects on the Web that also still have them in place, which reinforces my decision to leave well alone and paint round them. I suspect trying too hard to get them off will result in more damage than it's worth. Am I right to do this? I feel a bit guilty, like I'm cheating!
  6. Judging by the prices, I can only assume some people didn't understand that the bids were subject to 20%vat +15%buyers premium+vat on that as well. I thought stuff was far too dear.
  7. Burn the rubber out then use a hacksaw to remove the outer steel of the Bush.
  8. This sounds exactly like mine, I'm out here now with the wood burner on, radio on and a cup of coffee contemplating! I reckon by close of play today I'll have serious progress. I've got no experience with industrial adhesive, so will weld up. Good luck with yours.
  9. It looks like I need a new rear panel.... £800 approx!! I think mine is beyond saving. I've ordered a new boot floor and have already got new stiffener panels and triangular panels and closing panel. . Is there an order in which to proceed? It would make my life easier if I could just hack everything out of the way, but I'm scared to be so impetuous.
  10. Great effort. Just about to start mine. After seeing yours, I won't be posting any pictures!!!
  11. Yes. Any time Charlie. Today I've lifted the rear half back on the chassis and..... I've just come in at 20.15.....got a reasonable door gap. I'll be out there again tomorrow and press on. Cheers.
  12. Thanks for letting me see your car Charlie. She's a beauty. Really appreciated it and it's inspired me to get stuck in. If you're over Sadberge way and want to see a pile of rust....give me a call.
  13. Thanks guys. I'll arrange to go and see Charlie's in Sedgefield...only 5 miles from me! Charlie...thanks. I'll pm.
  14. Hi all. I'm just wondering if there's anyone in the North East who has a Tr3a that I may come and take a few pictures of to help with my restoration. I don't need to look at chassis numbers!!! Just some shots of how stuff goes....and some inspiration! I'm near Darlington. Cheers. Colin.
  15. Thanks for the "input"... See what I did there? I've got it to pieces by dropping the layshaft. Looks like a nightmare to put back together! I'm looking froward to the challenge!
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