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    Frogeye. A few Moggie thous. Triumph 2000. Riley RME. 2 x midgets. MGB. MGA. MGTD. Spitfire. Fiat 124 Spider Tr3.

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  1. I think anything sporty will sell OK. Mundane pre war stuff has indeed seen a drop in values, but try and buy something sporty or racey and you'll see firm prices. I wasn't around in the thirties but there's a few cars I've always hankered after.... and it looks like they'll always be out of my reach.
  2. OK. I'll reconfigure the breather. I've already already crimped the pipe a little, but I'm thinking a one way valve.... I'll see what I can find.
  3. Anyone got any idea how to prevent petrol escaping through the tank vent pipe on left hand bends? I'm getting pains in the wallet. I can't find anything in the search function.
  4. I can't see much usable in there. Scrap is scrap regardless of the rosiest tint of eyewear. Maybe its identity tags will be what makes the money.
  5. Also, I'd recommend one of those fancy high torque starter motors. Brilliant how they whizz it round.! By the time you've reconditioned the old one which weighs 3.75 tons these are a no-brainer.
  6. Mine application is currently with dvla. They only queried my photocopied USA documents, they want originals. They were OK with no M. O. T. Just fill in the declaration form.
  7. Ah, so the splines are different then.
  8. I'm having difficulty finding Tr3a rhd steering parts, so looking to branch out!
  9. Thanks all..... I'm getting it recored! You can't argue with all that imput. Today I had my tyres fitted to the restored wire wheels, my new seats arrived and my cylinder head, which I initially was told was cracked, came back having had new guides and valve seats fitted. So we're on the up! Just need Moss to get their fingers out with my many back orders. Cheers chaps!
  10. My radiator needs a complete re-core at a cost of £300. I'm weighing up whether to have it done for originality, or to fit a modern alternative. I must say originality is not a high priority, I'm fitting an alternator, rack n pinion and a few other mods. I need reliability for touring. Has anyone got any info on suitable replacements and fitting requirements? Many thanks.
  11. Thanks for that Ralph. I'll wait and see what comes back!
  12. I've used various platers over the years and have never used anyone twice! Either too expensive, they lose something or they think it's OK to keep your stuff for 6 months. However..... I came across Agbrigg Chrome Platers in Leeds and have used them many times. Decent quality, fair price and they turn it around pretty quick. I may have been lucky but its never been more than a couple of weeks. Just my experience. They are doing my stanchions and handbrake now!
  13. I got them out. Plenty heat and an impact driver. The surrounding steel was surprisingly sound. Thanks guys.
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