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  1. So while we are virtually grounding things does anyone have a picture of the interior of a Windtone horn properly wired that they could post. I think I am correct but would like to confirm. Negative ground but from everything I have read that shouldn't matter.
  2. Ahem...I had absolutely nothing to do with this. I have added a new acronym to my lexicon. WFFP.
  3. Trying to figure out if anyone is an anagram for David.
  4. Thanks. Medium duty is missing so I will put on on.
  5. Ok. So my battery ground is attached to the engine block with the smaller wire grounded on the deck below the regulator. From what I see here it should be grounded to the body. If I attach a ground from the battery terminal to the body am I effectively accomplishing the same thing or should I still add the ground to the gearbox housing?
  6. Well the tail light bases were upside down so this shouldn't surprise anyone!
  7. Which is a problem with mine and now I know why. Thanks.
  8. Is there a picture of the mohair option kicking around anywhere?
  9. Great thread full of information I had no idea about! Thank you.
  10. Thank you Peter that is extremely helpful.
  11. Question: Is the set screw for the vent rod a standard size? If so what is that size?
  12. Thank you Peter. I think I will wait and see if the lost bolt is going to cause a significant rattle before I do this....and I am going to estimate where the dip switch bracket is mounted. I can correct both when and if I decide to take it down to the frame.
  13. Good morning, What should I be careful of when removing the sealer plate? David
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