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  1. Thanks Bob. Much appreciated. I have the voltage gauge there and a switch for the headlights High/low beam.
  2. Good morning. Does anyone have a picture of the dash that shows where the heater rheostat and the lighter are supposed to be positioned? I've looked through the B. Piggot TR books and can't seem to find one. Thanks in advance.
  3. I am so tempted to try and fix this one. However, I have two that aren't useful to me so I think I will order one from Andy's supplier and see what kind of exchange they will give me for two tachometers.
  4. Is that in response to the article?
  5. Thought this was useful: https://king-electric.com/pro-tips/garage-heater-sizing-chart/
  6. I thought this was an interesting article: http://mg-tc.de/articles/JaegerChronometricInstruments.html
  7. I have cleaned the tach very carefully although my wife did attempt to wipe away the hair spring when I was doing it. I this where I apply the drop of sewing machine/light mineral oil?
  8. Hahahahaha. I get upset now when a day goes by without a delivery of some sort related to the car. What is sad is that excellent customer service isn't the norm.
  9. Thanks Andy, especially for the heads up on the cable. I wouldn't have picked up on that. Where did you get the correct length cable?
  10. Compressed air to clean? Low PSI.
  11. I don't know if it is recommended practice or not but I took my cordless drill and a robertson bit that matched the tachometer cable end, inserted the drill into the tach and ran it at varying speeds for about 6 minutes. Highest it went was 3200 but there wasn't any squealing. The drill should be set as if you are undoing a screw, counter clockwise.
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