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  1. I doubt it makes a difference. It is the size of the market for these cars that matters and that needs to be expanded through exposure to areas outside of the current Triumph enthusiasts.
  2. What is needed is a little marketing effort via placement..such as asking a director friend to put one or two in a movie....preferably an action movie with someone like Scarlett Johansson and Michael Downey Jr. each driving one.
  3. And this. Better Social media management and promotion is definitely required.
  4. Bob's rear LED lamps should be a standard safety feature.
  5. Now here is a reason to have two mistresses: http://davidsclassiccars.com/triumph/162505-1962-triumph-italia-2000.html
  6. The cap on the tube from the block (I assume that is the Bourden Tube from the notes above) was cracked on mine so I was getting weird things happening occasionally. New one ordered and on the way.
  7. I've started calling a pilot I know for his interpretation of the radar. Thanks Ralph. No clonk, just a rattling when accelerating. Then it diminishes as the revs settle to a constant RPM.
  8. It's all about the destination and having fun on the way. Once I get the sidescreens restored this winter we will be doing overnighters. We were going to start this summer but the accuracy of the weather services has deteriorated to below useless.
  9. My wife loves it. She gets me all to herself without a radio. Touring wineries and breweries any weekend we can. Lunch at 3 pm. It's hilarious. I get an amorous glint in my eye and she responds with let's go to..... Beats the hell out of a headache.
  10. What does the U-joint sound like just before it blows up? Seriously!
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