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  1. Dear All, I have had a terrible problem bleeding my 1960 TR3a Clutch Hydraulic system over the last 6 weeks... It has driven me MAD! And i can report that most of this was due to inaccurate information on the internet. Due to positioning of the replacement New Slave Cylinder. THIS FITS ONTO THE BRACKET FROM THE GEARBOX SIDE ! My car was a one owner USA 94,000m vehicle, that i personally bought from the original owner in USA 32yrs ago. I have only just got around to restoring it in my retirement. Fortunately i took pictures of the position of orig slave cylinder when i took it off the ca
  2. Hi Guys, I am trying to determine whether the original windscreen frame was lacquered? How do most people finish the screen frame off when doing a restoration? I dont want to strip and polish and then possibly have it tarnish over/corrode in years to come. I have an original frame and am just stripping it to replace the Glass and rubbers. Regards Steve 1960 TR3a. * Thanks for your comments so far Guys,. Mine is Aluminium, and i think it may have been Anodised. But it has a very clear sheen on the exterior, so i am very carefully cleaning it with Mothers fine Alloy Polish. So as not to be
  3. I have a one owner 1960 TR3 LHD Signal Red 94,000m car which the chassis is painted Light Blue.Was suprised when i steam ceaned off all the dirt and waxoil. But Hey Ho genuine factory finish! *I have left the chassis in original Powder Blue and will Clear Waxoyl it, to show off its History.
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