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  1. Have solved it similar to what you suggested Michael but got away with just drilling the pedal shaft a shade bigger. As the roll pin is held by the lever holes that did not affect the tightness too much and the extra movement allowed the pin to go through . Thanks for the suggestions Alan
  2. Hi Have had a problem with the pin holding the lever assembly on to the accelerator pedal rod , it is a new type cotter pin easy to remove, it kept lifting. On inspection the holes on the lever assy are not lined up through the middle of the round section ( part no. 106753 ), so the pin will not go all the way through. Does anybody have a spare one. If not will it be possible to weld one hole up and redrill. Any solution appreciated. Alan
  3. I was doing a search of cars for sale and came across the attached one. Was very interested in the cover over the handbrake for my 4a. Spoke to the seller but no joy and numerous other parties without success. Does anyone know where it could have been made. It looks like it is moulded in one right up to the gearstick. Cheers Alan
  4. Not a big as a problem as first thought , got a roll pin in hole so was able to punch out. Alan
  5. Thanks Stuart - thought as much. Will try to get pin out in situ Alan
  6. Will the accelerator pedal assy come out with the lever assy attached - the bit inside the engine compartment on a 4a Any advice appreciated Alan
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