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  1. A follow up to my post from a couple of days ago. Today I did the return trip from Bude to Woking, covering a total of 600 miles over the past 5 days. The car was absolutely faultless. Interestingly, this time the temp gauge showed just below half way for the whole journey. I can’t believe just how strong the engine is in the TR4A. Cruising at 70 is a breeze and she is happy to give a bit more for an overtake where needed. The last 130 miles were done with the lid off and it was awesome! cheers Dan
  2. Happy to say that my 200+ mile trip went without a hitch (closer to 250). In the end I tried to reinsert the remainder of the tube but I couldn’t get the olive on, so I just improvised with some insulating tape. This worked absolutely fine. The car ran like a dream. I’m a pretty new owner and had visions of the bonnet up at the side of the road, but the engine is incredibly strong and she was faultless!
  3. Excellent, thanks very much for the feedback
  4. Hi all I’m about to embark on a 200 mile drive tomorrow and I noticed that the vacuum tube connecting the distributor vacuum unit to the carb is broken. It is half broken by the nut that connects it to the vacuum unit. The car has been running fine. I’ve covered 300 miles since the weekend on my trip and this doesn’t seem to be affecting the engine, so I guess the question is do I need to worry about it breaking off? I’m thinking that I should wrap it with some tape for now and then replace when I get home. What effect does this actually have on the engine? Maybe I loosen the nut and
  5. The temp gauge shows absolutely normal when I’m in traffic or driving at 40. Stays bang in the middle. It only reduces when I’m going 60+. I’ve got an electronic fan, no engine fan. Thanks for the comments and feedback, much appreciated.
  6. Hi everyone Being a new owner (and new TR Register member), yesterday marked my first proper trip with my TR4A, which I have owned for about 2 months now. I have a flat in Bude, Cornwall, and we made the 215 mile trip from Surrey to Cornwall yesterday morning. We started out at 5.20am fearing bad traffic on the A303, but we had a totally clear run all of the way. The car was faultless, she didn't miss a beat. I am slowly getting used to the normal noises that a '67 classic makes! It was recommended that I check the oil a few times on the way, which I did, but she didn't seem to lose
  7. Thanks all for your feedback. It looks like the right cap and is rated 7lb. I opened the cap and the liquid is brimming to the top, which I am guessing is overly full. There should be no other problems as the car has just come from a day of professional mechanical checks, a full service and is also supplied with a new warranty. Cheers all for your feedback.
  8. Hello. I’m a newbie here having taken delivery of my TR4A on Friday, a picture of which I have attached. This is my first classic car. So firstly I’d like to introduce myself and say hi, but secondly I have a question about the radiator expansion bottle. I went for a lovely 40 mile drive yesterday without any issues, and thoroughly enjoyed myself. I took the car out again today for a shorter drive and when I got home, about 1 minute after I switched off, the car sounded like a rumbling stomach and then deposited a load of water and coolant onto the garage floor, just under the expansion b
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