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  1. Hi all my light switch has failed and I need to replace it, So I need to undo the channel where the wiring goes down the steering column. Any advice on the best course of action after removing the seat and steering wheel, I can clearly see one bracket and can get access to that, but I’m assuming there’s going to be another bracket very close to the back of the dash? Is that a clicks out job to get to?


  2. Stupid question, but how does the metal sleeve come off? Further investigation shows that the main blue power wire that goes to the foot switch is fried also, pondering now as to whether I put a normal rocker switch under the dash for the lights and just fit the stalk for show. The amount of room on that sleeve is ridiculous and poorly designed

  3. sorry to read this nonothing, yes it was a bit of a change your pants moment, it appears to be the original switch, clear hooters i think, lights were not on at the time, but i may have used the main beam flash.


    Now need to find the time o see how far down the wiring the damage has been done, hoping its only as far as the tails from the switch and not the main loom


    Cheers Carl

  4. Hi guys, on the way to Spa, my light switch/stalk spontaneously caught fire in the outside lane of the M1, has anyone had any experience with the replacements on the market, I understand that you have to modify the mounting?


    Thanks in advance Carl

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