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  1. Thanks very much for your responses guys, especially Lebro as the needle valve turned out to be the problem, now back up and running. Cheers Phill
  2. Afternoon all, My 64 TR4 has recently developed a fault which I'm struggling to find. From cold, on full choke she'll start no problem but then after 10 seconds or so she drops onto two cylinders, with the front two going AWOL. That being the case I've been concentrating my efforts on the front carb (Stromberg) The carbs were rebuilt including new diaphragms on completion of the restoration so should be ok but I'm stuggling to find a fault. Any help would be very much appreciated. Cheers Phill Hoare
  3. Hello all, Just getting round to fitting a new hood on my 1964 TR4 following a very lengthy restoration and have hit a few snags (Really?) I bought the hood from Rimmers about ten years ago when I first bought the car in bits. Any help on the issues below would be much appreciated; (See pictures attached) The Rimmers catalogue shows three stiffeners for the front edge of the hood which I purchased as the old ones were completely rusted away. When I look at the new hood it seems to have a stiffener already inserted (Pic 1) The chrome trim on top of the screen frame doesn't l
  4. Great, thanks for your advice.
  5. Thanks for that RobH, its obviously blocked off at the mo, any idea how much difference it makes?
  6. Great, thanks chaps. The fitting looks a bit makeshift? Is it original? And if so can you still get 'em?
  7. I am just rebuilding the twin Stromberg CD175's on the old TR4 and have a question about a part on each carb that I don't recognise. On one carb it is a brass nut which seems to be a plug for a small opening into the body of the carb and on the other,in the same place, is a small plastic 'L' shaped fitting also with a rubber plug over it. It does however have a small opening in the plastic tube part. Photos attached. Any help would be much appreciated.
  8. Thanks Peter and Bob but have done that!
  9. Hello folks, still coming to the end of a very lengthy TR4 rebuild and having a problem with the charging system. I have a new loom, a new battery, a new dynamo and a new control box but the ignition light stays on when running. I tried the old control box in case the new one was poor quality but same result. Have downloaded test information for the control box but electrics isn’t my strong point and I’m really struggling. Any thoughts please? Am in Milton Keynes just in case there’s an auto electric wizard in the area!!! Cheers, Phill
  10. Thanks for that Rich, mine is a 1964 so presumably would have the telescopic type originally. I'm just finishing off a very lengthy restoration and in one of the boxes it came in was the stay itself but no bracket. I'm trying to make a new one and needed to make sure it goes in the correct position! If anyone has an old one laying about that is surplus to requirements (Bracket not stay) I'd be very interested!! Thanks again guys Phill
  11. Thanks very much NigelH and Dave, thats perfect! Regards Phill
  12. Hello folks, Can anyone show me a photo or give me some dimensions as to where the bracket goes that is welded to the inner wing to take the telescopic boot stay on my TR4. Thanks Cheers Phill Hoare
  13. Thanks again folks for all your comments. The engine rebuild consisted of new rings, new main bearings and a reground crank and new top end, valves, guides, springs and seats for unleaded. I had it running with bags of oil pressure only a month or so before so was a bit confused (not difficult!) Anyway, all seems good now.
  14. Crickey, very high tech! (for the period) As the car was a basket case when I got it the wiring was missing but still interesting to know what it is, thanks chaps. Phill
  15. Hello all, There is a small plastic circular item, with electrical terminals attached, fitted to the rear of my TR4 speedo where the cable usually screws in and it has a threaded boss to take the cable so this item is basically between the cable and the speedo (See photo) Can't find any pics/info, any ideas what it might be? Cheers Phill
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