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  1. Ive spoken to Nigel at Bourne & Thomas who had the car up at 12k. He says his car is sold but not to the buyer who has listed this one. He has reported it to ebay who are obviously as prompt as ever......NOT. He thinks the guy has just used his photos..........very naughty. Ive emailed the seller and surprise.......no reply. Ive reported it to ebay too.
  2. Its probably just a bargain, one of those that were it up at £9995 everyone would be rushing at it! Its about 300 miles from me though otherwise I would be on the road up there tomorrow!
  3. Does anyone know this car, is it me or does it look like a good buy http://cgi.ebay.co.uk/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?Vie...sid=p2759.l1259
  4. Stokeferry which is near downham I seem to recall
  5. Im considering viewing the newly advertised Mimosa L reg car they have. Does anyone have any knowledge of the car or the dealer. I think the guy who runs it is 'Marko' who is a suscriber on here so hopefully will be a cut above most I live a good distance away so dont want a wasted journey if it can be avoided
  6. Yes, Im keeping an eye on that one and a couple of others. Cheers
  7. The title pretty much says it all. Ideally a standard car on injection. Must be rust free, straight with good panel gaps and nice paint Im in Yorkshire, mail me if you have something you think may fit the bill
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