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  1. Dear All, This situation is resolved. Through the help of some others who reached out to Neil on my behalf, and to whom i'm very grateful, Neil contacted me and posted my parts last week , they have arrived on my doorstep today. Thank-you all for your support, I can now get back into building this PI GT6.
  2. Well, it's now been a year. I've been unable to get a hold of Neil since June, and my friends in the UK have had no luck either, all the while I can see he's still active selling on ebay...Is there anyone local to him who might be able to check in in person? Otherwise I'll be seeing if local authorities can help out.
  3. An update to this story. I had managed to get hold of Neil via phone on the 10th of June. He had expressed regret at not taking care of me in a timely manner, and had promised to get the system shipped out that Friday, then the Friday after that. Since them I've been unable to reach him via phone or email. If this continues into August, it will have been a year that he's had my parts. I've about reached the limits of my patience.
  4. Conrad, thanks again for your pm. No luck as yet unfortunately. Richard, That's good news/bad news I suppose, good that he's clearly around, bad that he's seemingly ignoring me. John, Thanks for that info, it may come in handy in the future. AJ
  5. Good Day All, This is my first post here, and certainly not what I would wish a first post to a new forum would be. I'm trying to get some help contacting Neil Ferguson the PI guru. I've tried phone and email to no avail, I was wondering if anyone local could contact him in person on my behalf (I appreciate the difficulties of doing that what with the Covid pandemic). The situation is last year I had sent Neil a complete PI system (log, mu, filter, pump, throttle bodies, injectors, throttle body alingment tool) to have the MU and injectors refurbished. This was in August. In December
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