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  1. Many thanks both for your advice and Installation instructions, one final question....are the ring type fixings fitted to the sides of the hardtop internally supposed to slide over the B post internally threaded tubes (retainers) as mine will not slide over the tubes, I'm referring to items 17 & 23 shown in fig 6 of the installation instructions. Thanks Phil
  2. Hi all, i fitted a factory hardtop to my 1970 TR6 only yesterday, cars never has a hardtop fitted. Having drilled through the windscreen trim using the windscreen factory frame holes for guidance, the crush tubes do not sit flat on the top of the screen finisher when the bolts are pushed through, is this correct and how do I overcome this. I have the rear and B post bolts fitted but the windscreen bolts appear slightly out of line, does this mean the windscreen frame will need adjusting slightly and can the door glass also be adjusted to suit ? thanks
  3. Thanks Roger, I've now ordered 6 x Champion N9YC from Green Spark Plug as Hamish mentioned, will gap at 30 thou and see how it goes. Regards Phil
  4. Thanks Dave, I've read 30 thou is the best plug gap for a Lucas gold sport coil, so will give that a try.
  5. Looking to replace my 1970 TR6 spark plugs whilst fitting a Lucas Gold coil, have read a lot about NGK plugs but no mention of fitting Champion plugs any reason for this, any preference ? thanks Phil
  6. I'm looking for the chrome trim around the base of the factory hard top, does any one have these parts available that I can purchase.
  7. Owned this car from approx 1988 - 1996 having fully restored it and fitted a Surrey top including steel insert section. Regrettably had to sell it, have checked with DVLA and currently SORN would be good to know its current whereabouts. Thanks
  8. Hi, Im looking for a 1970 / 71 TR6 original steering wheel, I believe it's the version with the long slots finished with black spokes, does anyone have one for sale with either black or silver spokes ? thanks
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