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  1. Hi Steve, No, I don't think so. The rad had been in there since '92 at least, then the car had several years lay-up. I think it was probably already gunked up and the more it got used the more it furred up, a bit like arteries!
  2. As a follow up, the cause was indeed a severely blocked rad. Following a re-core all is well. I have refilled the system with water and anti-freeze as I have taken on board the concern expressed on here regarding Evans cooling fluid. I have to say that my primary reason for reverting to conventional cooling fluid was primarily one of cost, as, every time there is a cooling system issue you can kiss good bye to ££££££'s. Also it dawned on me that Evans cooling fluid was the answer to a question that didn't need to be asked! Anyway, thanks to all contributors on this subject.
  3. Guys, Fitted new thermostat yesterday, spring down,. with hole and wiggle toggle, previous stat did not have this. Alas no improvement. Have used "normal" coolant for 42 yrs of ownership, Evans for three, I think this particular "experiment" is reaching it's natural conclusion... Steve
  4. Mmmm, this is getting dark. Think I might drain and re-fill with water/antifreeze and test. Then if problem persists partially drain down, examine pump & change if necessary and test. Then if problem persists re-core rad and test. Then if problem persists ring Dignitas. Thank you to everyone, all advice gratefully received.
  5. To Waldi, Yes, before changing the pump I drove 750 miles in two days with no problems, all this with a slightly leaking OE pump and water/antifreeze coolant mix. Hence the reason for changing the pump. During routine maintenance the system was flushed, new pump installed & cooling system filled with Evans. This is where I am today. However, go back a couple of years & immediately following the re-commissioning in 2017/18 the system was thoroughly flushed and filled with Evans. Shortly after this the car left me at the side of the M25 three times on one journey massively overheating. Having no Evans available it was flushed again and filled with the aforementioned water/antifreeze mix and was fine... So does my car not like Evans coolant? I'm not sure. My feeling is that although the system has been "flushed to death" the car sat for several years with coolant in situ, so with the combination of a rad that's been in the car for twenty five, thirty odd years and the long term lay-up my feeling is there's a lot of sludge "washing off" and sloshing around. As I muted re-coring is probably prudent anyway. Why do I use Evans? We live in the SW of France most of the year and temperatures of 35 - 40c are not unusual in the summer months. As an aside I also own X747 the Wasp prototype TR5 and he seems to like Evans. Go figure.
  6. So, I think the clearance from impeller to housing is important. Having spoken to Revington TR (Dan) says ideally the gap should be no more than 2mm, (1 for preference). He has seen gaps as much as 5mm and these simply don't work, merely frothing the water/coolant. However I am now thinking that the rad might be blocked / sludged up, despite umpteen flushes. The car was off the road for several years with all fluids present, the process of re-commissioning the vehicle started in 2016 and it's been an uphill struggle. I cannot remember the last time the rad was touched but certainly not since 1992 and so my next step will be to get it re-cored, even without the current problem I think this would be prudent.
  7. 1/ I wish! 2/ both Kenlowe thermostat (sensor) & temp gauge register that it's hot, therefore coincidence aside I think it's hot. So, still pump methinks. Thanks though.
  8. This is the conclusion to which I am drawn. Bugger.
  9. Nope, haven't worked on the fan it's where it's been undisturbed since 1992.
  10. Ok, to foster461 not sure but I don't think so. To jerry tr5 I agree but no, I haven't got the old one. To John Morrison I see what you mean but I've no idea if interference or fixed with a "Pinza" (is this a type of cotter pin?).
  11. Before replacing the water pump cooling was fine but there was a slight leak from the pump so I felt it prudent to change it as we live in France most of the year and cover umpteen kilometers on french autoroutes.
  12. Hi, I've had my TR5 for 45 years so you'd have thought that there wouldn't have been a problem that I hadn't encountered before, wrong.... Car is cooled via Evans coolant & Kenlowe fan. At a stand still in the garage it ticks over nicely with the temperature hovering around the normal (mid-way) point on the gauge. The fan kicks in fine and maintains the temperature. However, take the car on the open road and almost immediately the temperature soars 'till it's "bending the needle". Today I swapped the thermostat and ran the engine up to temperature with the radiator cap off to purge any air-locks. All fine and dandy 'till you drive it and then scorchio! Opening the heater valve to allow more coolant into the system makes no difference. Now, in recent weeks the only other change to the cooling system was the installation of a new Moss (pattern part) water pump, could this be the culprit? My thinking is that the cooling system with Evans and Kenlowe is VERY efficient but that it is dealing with coolant in the rad and environs only, perhaps the pump is not working and therefore not circulating the coolant throughout the entire system? Hence, when the car is on the road and working harder the system is unable to cope, (as am I !!!!). No answers on a postcard please, I need help now before the car or me has a breakdown! Steve Walter PS I am not overly technical.
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