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  1. Hey Tony, Congratulations on the purchase of your Grinnall, they are truly remarkable beasts. I noticed two things, I’m nothing if not adept at spotting the glaringly obvious! First off, you’re Scottish or at the very least living in Scotland and secondly you are not [yet] a member of the TR Register Car Club ! You've already found the forum and so far helpful advice, which is brilliant and thanks for using it and helping to contribute to an invaluable reference resource. So, why not go the full way and join us at the TR Register Car Club. We currently have 210 members throughout
  2. Tom, I’m really pleased that you managed to get your problem solved, the Forum is brilliant for getting help and advice. Also, now that you’ve become a member of the TR Register you will have full access to the forum. Hopefully you managed to get your car out and about, “whilst staying local”, over the weekend as the weather was brilliant. I’ll contact you direct in a couple of days to formally introduce myself and welcome you to the Register. Hopefully we’ll be able to organise some runs over the summer, first Minister permitting of course. Happy Easter and enjoy the rema
  3. Hey Solaise, John Morrison recently contacted me advising that he’d been in touch with you and hopefully he’s been able to help you out. Just by way of introduction I’m the GL for Forth and Borders and also The Scottish Director of the TR Register and I currently live in Edinburgh. just wanted to let you know that we’d love to have you join us and we actually have a couple of TR4/a experts in our group with completely restored award winning cars and also a couple of chaps in the process of restoring them, so plenty of good honest advice like you received from others here in the foru
  4. Loving the blue and the clock......
  5. Just to add, When I bought my ‘6 a couple of years ago the previous owner had just fitted BOSCH pumps and just used the old wiring, the car was a bit intermittent sometime you’d have the pumps running and sometimes not. The original grey inertia switch had got burned by having the extra current running through them, apparently uses more current than the original Lucas windscreen effort. so, I added thicker wire to the rear and fitted a relay to control it, And, the high current feed no longer goes through the inertia switch, if you know what I mean, I did read that you have a rely bu
  6. Oh no ! What a pain, just fitted LED lights to my ‘6 and they’re brilliant, do I need to remove them, I MOT my car every year and it’s renewal is “due” in February.........could be interesting..........someone must have way too much time to introduce this stupidity, IMHO of course !
  7. I’m impressed Roger......... However, it does have many midges and my father always said that they had false teeth at Loch Eck, I was never exactly sure what that meant, other than they were little so and so’s that could spoil your time outside.
  8. Hey David, Firstly, Happy New Year ! And, what a brilliant way to start the new year by buying a Triumph TR3, well done, my family previously holidayed at Loch Eck so we know Dunoon rather well, of course in those days there was a ruddy great big submarine base, anyway that’s gone and I digress somewhat. As Tony C mentioned you have some AMAZING roads at your disposal and I’m sure you will soon be off exploring the capabilities of your new 3. In terms of the Scottish Group, we are split into five sections and Richard (Dic Doretti) long standing member has already intimated Duno
  9. Derek, I’ve waited a long time to disagree with you my humble friend. It’s totally deserved, you’ve served us for many years and THANK YOU ! Stephen
  10. Derek, CONGRATULATIONS ! And, thanks for all you do for us with TR6s as our Register. Stephen
  11. Hey, Waldi, I believe you are correct, at some point we’ll get through this, and then we’ll meet up maybe even drink a beer together. Lekker ! Stephen
  12. Next time I make it to my Office, I’ll definitely make the effort to come and visit you, likely some point next year, stay safe my friend. Stephen
  13. Hey Waldi, I meant to say, I’ve an office in NL in village of Weesp (although now really AMS) is your place anywhere near there, I’d love to meet and see your collection if/when we get back to normal times - Lekker ! Stephen
  14. Waldi, Thanks for your update, hopefully my misfortune can ultimately turn to something positive if we can get a part that’s fit for purpose. Thank you and everyone that contributed on this topic, maybe you might circle back at some point with good news ? The forum is a truly magnificent tool, thanks John and crew. Stephen
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