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  1. Thank you, not sure about the air dam holes, think it’s a grill off job.
  2. I think you’re right, this is my next thing to try.
  3. David, Thanks for that, we tried without much success to do just that, resulted in chipped paint, but no bonnet opened, might try again, thanks. Stephen
  4. Once again thanks for your encouragement here, it’s keeping me motivated to solve this problem. Last week there was almost going to be an advert “ for sale Red TR6 with Audi A2 style bonnet - no offer refused” anyway, you’ve helped with my resilience and determination to solve this problem. Stephen
  5. Richard, that is really useful, I thought that could be the issue at the start but latterly I thought maybe there was another issue, but sounds like this is the problem. What a nightmare, as I thought I’d got it aligned pretty well. Must be sooooo hard to align to prevent this happening ? I used some masking tape on the hole and oil on the plunger and spent an hour or so aligning, but I’m not a mechanical engineer, so maybe I just didn’t do it well enough. Bonnet off her is come I suppose. Oh well, Updike is I’m getting to know my car better. And, I uncovered a little secret during this time about my car ! i will definitely update the forum once if I get this sorted. Last night at dinner my 19 year old daughter said when she’s older an married with children, she’d call me for babysitting and dad would say “ oh, I’m sorry, can’t come around tonight as I’m trying to get my bonnet opened” seems she has little faith in me ! regards Stephen
  6. Mike, I fear you are correct, next step is bonnet off, I’ve got one last chance, I’ve put a pair of mole grips on the cable holding the latch open, I can then get a cain on the latch from below the car, with an endoscope attached to the cain, maybe and it’s a long shot, I can give it an extra nudge to open. I suspect bonnet off is next job. I’ve got two goals, get the bloody bonnet off, but more importantly - what caused the problem in the first place ? regards Stephen
  7. Andy, Thanks for you advice, yikes, dash out then cut a hole sounds like an “interesting job” ! Stephen
  8. Dear Richard, Thanks for your reply, I appreciate you trying to assist me. It’s the two bolts on the bonnet that were lose I tightened and the bonnet has not raised at all. Regards Stephen
  9. Could it be if you move the seat to a different position then they don’t align ?
  10. Latest update, bonnet still stuck shut. However, we’ve moved forward a bit. Endoscope is a brilliant piece of kit, hooked up to my computer and I managed to wiggle it up to the correct position. I can confirm that the cable is not snapped. When I pull the cable the latch moves and when I pull the emergency opener the latch also moves. I wonder if the pivot on the latch is worn and thus does not move significantly to unlatch the plunger ? I’m sort of doubting my original theory of the plunger being slightly offset and catching, on something because when the latch moves the plunger doesn’t move at all. Any ideas for tomorrow’s efforts ? Thanks Andy @PodOne regards Stephen
  11. Dear dingle, Thank you for taking the time to reply to me, I appreciate it. However unfortunately it’s NOT the cable that’s snapped, the latch is unlatching ok. The issue seems to be that of the striker being misaligned preventing the bonnet opening once the latch is released. hope someone can help ? Please ? regards Stephen
  12. One of my lockdown jobs was fitting a new carpet set, got mine from TRGB and they look good fitted to me. Also get the underlay set, and some contact adhesive. What a pain of a job though, especially when you take the old ones off and realise your transmission tunnel has a hole in it ! Oh well, part of the “ fun” I suppose ! Also fitted new kidney panels and a wooden gear lever, bit of a transformation !
  13. Nice solution, thanks for sharing. Stephen
  14. The endoscope has arrived, yeah ! But, I’m super busy with work this week, so it’s a weekend job. When I pull the emergency release it feels like the normal resistance then stops, as I would expect. I’m no mechanic, and appreciate everyone’s brilliant assistance, and I think to me it feels like it’s operating as it should or in other words it’s not “gone over”. So frustrating, anyway, looking forward to the weekend, another challenge ! Regards Stephen
  15. Rob, thanks for that, we did try to push from the front, but will try that again. Stephen
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