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  1. Derek, I’ve waited a long time to disagree with you my humble friend. It’s totally deserved, you’ve served us for many years and THANK YOU ! Stephen
  2. Derek, CONGRATULATIONS ! And, thanks for all you do for us with TR6s as our Register. Stephen
  3. Hey, Waldi, I believe you are correct, at some point we’ll get through this, and then we’ll meet up maybe even drink a beer together. Lekker ! Stephen
  4. Next time I make it to my Office, I’ll definitely make the effort to come and visit you, likely some point next year, stay safe my friend. Stephen
  5. Hey Waldi, I meant to say, I’ve an office in NL in village of Weesp (although now really AMS) is your place anywhere near there, I’d love to meet and see your collection if/when we get back to normal times - Lekker ! Stephen
  6. Waldi, Thanks for your update, hopefully my misfortune can ultimately turn to something positive if we can get a part that’s fit for purpose. Thank you and everyone that contributed on this topic, maybe you might circle back at some point with good news ? The forum is a truly magnificent tool, thanks John and crew. Stephen
  7. I was advised by people that know to use Sikaflex
  8. Interesting, would be good to hear and see how the install goes, if you don’t mind ? BTW, interesting collection of cars you’ve owned.
  9. Roger, now that’s the story that I’m interested in..........?
  10. Hey Michael, Just checking that you received everything that you should and has a Group Leader contacted you to welcome you to the club ? If not, then please let me know and I’ll help push things through for you. Normally everything flows through quickly, but with The Pandemic and people working from home things might be taking a bit longer. Anyway, welcome to the TR Register and I hope you enjoy meeting new like minded friends. regards Stephen
  11. Hopefully my mishap helped you in some small way !
  12. Thanks for the tips. Which supplier supplied the cheapo one in the first place, also good to know I think ?
  13. Do you have access to a teenager, if you know what I mean ? Results look cool I think, and safer too. Just need to decide, white, green, red or blue ! Too much choice, it’s like ordering eggs for breakfast in the US !
  14. Mmm, I should convert to a voltmeter, probably more useful.
  15. Just wondering, has anyone upgraded their old style fuse box for something different that has blade fuses and a place for holding some extra relays. That part of my engine bay is a bit messy, assuming I can of course actually open the bonnet, but that’s a whole story in itself. Don’t go there ! Appreciate some advice and maybe some pictures. Thanks.
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