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  1. Thanks Stuart, I will get them from Moss because they are local to me. Eddie
  2. Do I need to buy the fitting kits from one of the dealers at a cost of around £60 for the four wings or can I buy the ACME screws and spire nuts elsewhere? The Moss spares book shows the screws with conventional heads but I understand that some of the front are countersunk. I can't find the countersunk ACME screws other than at dealers. Thanks Eddie
  3. Bought some Austin Morris ones off ebay,£7.99. With bracket in a vice, washing up liquid and a big screwdriver I have managed to force them in. The rubber seems to be quite flexible unlike a lot of rubber parts nowadays. Eddie
  4. I made some out of copper tube, I think it was 8mm. Split a section along part of it’s length and opened it up and partially flattened with a hammer. Not perfect but does the job. Eddie
  5. Hi Neil, I have chickened out and taken up Roger's offer but for £10 or so would be tempted to try covering the existing one as an experiment. Do you have the details of the vinyl you used? Thanks Eddie
  6. Hi, I've just found these are missing off my TR250. I have all the others. These don't seem to be available at Moss and £27 each at Rimmers. They don't look very substantial so I was thinking a bit of bent bar would suffice. Has anyone else done this? Thanks Eddie
  7. Thanks Mark, Have just checked the price, £210. I'll have to think about it. I might buy the vinyl to recover first and if that doesn't give satisfactory results bite the bullet and pay the cash. Eddie
  8. I may have answered my own question. I have found that Park Lane Classics supply vinyl. Eddie
  9. My dashboard top has gone brittle and cracked. I see that people have re covered with vinyl.Does anyone know where to buy the vinyl from? I have some vinyl but it has a backing and doesn't seem flexible or stretchy enough to fit over the existing dash top. Thanks Eddie
  10. Just wondering if I could use short lengths of rubber pipe. One diameter to fit the hole in the bracket with the screwed bar inside and the larger to cut rubber washers to go either side of the bracket between the large washers. Eddie
  11. I had no idea what the grommets looked like or how they fit. I know now which is the beauty of this forum. Thanks to everybody. Edd
  12. I have tried a search for this topic but it came up with gearbox mounts and other topics before even mentioning wiper motors. I have the 3 threaded bars, washers and nuts but no grommets. I can't find anyone that sells these. Does anyone know where to buy them and have a picture/diagram of the arrangement. Thanks Eddie
  13. Nigel , thanks for the photos. I have bought some brackets and linkages off ebay for a Triumph 2500 which look very similar so I should be able to sort it out. Eddie
  14. Hi Roger, Do you take orders for the Surrey rear frame covers? Regards Eddie
  15. Have had stainless bumpers on my TR6 for around 10 years. No problems with fitting apart from cleaning out some threads. Bought from Harringtons who seemed to be cheapest. Made in Vietnam I think. Not as shiny as chrome. Eddie
  16. Thanks for the replies everyone. I have also tried phoning a few dealers but no joy. Nigel if you could get a photo of the installation that would be good. What is your last photo? Thanks Eddie
  17. I cannot find any details of how to connect the throttle cable to the carburettors. I suspect I may be missing bracket(s) . The 2 carbs are linked together but the is no obvious way of connecting a cable to them. Can anyone point me to photos, diagrams etc to help out. Many thanks Eddie
  18. Thanks Tim and Chris, I will check out TR shop. Eddie
  19. I have a bare fibreglass backlight. I see Moss have 2 trim pieces for the vertical front which are N/A. Is the rest of the visible fibreglass covered in vinyl and does anyone have a photo of the internal trim? many thanks. Eddie
  20. I know these have been covered many times but has anyone used velcro or dual lock velcro to fix the panels? The clips don't seem long enough for my panel and the panel is recessed in the door so velcro thickness shouldn't be an issue. Thanks Eddie
  21. Thanks Peter. I have just found the Bullfire site which shows how to do it. Eddie
  22. I have just realised that I am missing this trim and that it's around £50 at Moss for both sides. Just wondering if some vinyl or leather and hardboard , if required, will do the job without spending the £50? thanks Eddie
  23. Many thanks everyone for the advice. Car now seems to be running reasonably well,starting straight away, ticking over at 800-900 rpm and revving up OK. Timing still slightly erratic but maybe it is the distributor kicking in. Not sure what has made things better. Looked at the Triumph book rather than the Haynes manual and misread the ignition timing instructions and set at 24BTDC. Engine ran smoothly at that, then I realized the mistake and set back to 12BTDC and it still runs OK. Need to take it out for a run to see how it performs on the road. For info the distributor is orig
  24. Mike, That might have been part of the problem. I pushed the hose further in the mu before last start. But engine is still spitting and timing is eratic. Getting closer to running OK but not there yet.
  25. Just replaced metering unit and distributor setting timing on both. Car starts up straight away but accelerator does nothing and car is hissing and spitting. Accelerator moves linkages but doesn't have any effect on engine. With strobe on timing marks the timing is not steady. Any suggestions? Thanks Eddie
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