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  1. Hi All I would like to thank you all for your help in this matter, look forward to meet you in person some time. Regards John
  2. Hi RogerĀ 

    Thank you for replying, on the V5 its a U, the car dose not have an overdrive, but I am in the process of fitting one as part of the rebuild.


  3. john conlon


    Hi I seem to have had a little finger trouble as this is my first time using a forum, the 2 plate on the bulk are stamped as follows T 16811CF and 17703CF the V5 states CF17421U can any one help with the identity of the car.
  4. Hi I am in the process of restoring a 1974 TR6 left hand drive car, In the process of ordering a wiring harness from auto sparks,( can any one recommend a company ) I was asked for the chassis number which I took from the log book, which is CF 17421u auto sparks, informed me that they could not identify the number on there system, which lead me to check the 2 plates on the bulkhead which are stamped as follows T16811CF 17703CF can any one enlighten as to the identity of the car.
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