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  1. Hi All, I’m sure you can all relate to my tr obsession as I’m planning my purchase of my first ever tr? It’s interesting for me as a novice to notice the colour variants available with the buikd years. I’ve always like the pastilly old English colours, particularly the light yellows ‘jasmine’ and ‘primrose’ late 60’s ? Is that right? I’m wondering if there is a colour- year chart available?
  2. I’ve decided that this car isn’t for me, it may well be a really good car for me to start with but there’s just too many question marks for me at the moment. I’ll happily keep looking and learning, your advice and input is valuable, many thanks !!
  3. Thank you all , very quick replies there ! So much superb experienced advice , exactly what I was hoping for! I’m not in a huge hurry, it’s really all about acquiring a car for the ‘long term’ , a car such as this ( a solid runner) may be the way to start and certainly a good hands-on way to learn about them?
  4. Hi All, I’m a new member , I recently introduced myself on the tr6 forum, I’d like some advice on a tr4a that’s advertised on eBay. The car is shown as a ‘runner’, and solid. Maybe suitable for me as an entry point into ownership, I’m thinking of it as a runner that I can gradually improve over time, maybe eventually going for a full restore. All advice would be appreciated, thank you
  5. I’d be really interested in seeing your cars of similar value pls
  6. Thank you all for your replies , here we go !!!
  7. Hi everyone, I have just this week joined the register as I begin my quest to fulfill my35yr dream of owning a tr6. My first ever car, back in 1985 was a convertible herald, it cost me a fortune in garage repair bills and soon had to go. Since then I’ve pined from a distance - until now! My 55th birthday is in May and I hope to buy my self a tr6-finally! My budget would be 15k which I fear may not be quite enough? But until then I’ll be bothering you guys a little and plan to get involved in my local group (Wessex) as I live near Southampton. All advice welcome pls
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